How to Tell If you have Hives or Bug Bites?

If you’ve never had hives before but have been noticing the odd red mark on your body, you may be curious to know the difference between an allergic reaction and a bug bite. You see, what starts as an annoying case of hives or even one red mark can turn into a serious skin problem if you’re not careful. Follow these steps to determine whether hives or bug bites are lurking under your skin!

You wake up to find small red bumps on your arms and legs, but you’re not sure what they are. Is it hives or are you getting bug bites? Some people get a lot of false alarms with both of these symptoms which can make it more confusing.

How to Tell If you have Hives or Bug Bites?

If you’re itching like crazy and worried it might be hives, don’t freak out just yet. Some other conditions can cause similar symptoms. Here are some ways to tell if your itching is due to hives, or something else:

1. Do you have a stinging sensation?

If your skin feels like it’s burning or stinging when you touch it, then it’s probably not hives. Most people with hives don’t feel any pain when they touch their skin—it just looks red and blotchy. The rash usually lasts anywhere from 12-48 hours, so if the itching goes away after a few days, then chances are good that it wasn’t caused by hives anyway!

2. Are your rashes symmetrical?

Hives tend to be symmetrical they look the same on both sides of your body (for example, both arms). If one side of your face is swollen but not the other side (like if someone punched you in one eye), then chances are good that this isn’t due to hives.

Many people are unsure about whether they have hives or bug bites. It can be difficult to tell the difference, especially if you’re covered in itchy welts.

Here are some key differences between the two:


Hives are caused by an allergic reaction to something that you’ve been exposed to, such as food, medicine, or an insect bite. They typically occur in a linear pattern, and there is no swelling in the surrounding area. Hives generally go away within 48 hours without treatment.

Bug bites:

Bug bites can be hard to distinguish from hives because they share many of the same symptoms. However, if you know that you’ve been bitten by an insect (like a mosquito), your skin will likely swell around the site of the bite and itch intensely.

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