How to Treat Dog Hives at Home?

Have you ever seen a dog walking around with a hive on its back? If you have, then you know that they can be quite uncomfortable for the dog. It is important to learn how to treat dog hives at home because it isn’t normal for your dog to be walking around with that much pain.

Dog hives are not normally dangerous but itching can become unbearable and uncomfortable. There are several options to treat this condition at home. We’ll describe the most popular treatments and their best combination. Is your pet experiencing dog hives? Read the following information to know what steps you should take right away.


If your dog is suffering from hives, you’re probably worried. Hives are not a serious condition, but they can be very uncomfortable for your dog. Your best bet is to treat the hives at home, which will help your dog feel better faster and prevent any complications from occurring.

What are Dog Hives?

Dog hives, also known as Canine Pruritic Dermatitis or “CPD,” is an allergic reaction that causes swollen areas on the skin. These areas are typically red and raised, but they can sometimes also appear as fluid-filled blisters. While hives aren’t dangerous to dogs, they do cause discomfort and embarrassment for your pup and that’s why it’s important to treat them quickly.

How to Treat Dog Hives at Home

If your dog has developed hives, there are several things you can do at home to help him feel better fast:

1) Use ice packs on the affected area(s) to reduce swelling and pain; this helps to calm down inflammation and itching too! If ice is unavailable or ineffective for reducing swelling/pain then try using cold water instead (just make sure it isn’t too cold).

2) Try using antihistamines if you notice that your pup is having trouble breathing due to his condition; these medications will help reduce swelling around his throat area so he won’t feel as restricted when trying to breathe normally.

3) Try giving him something natural that helps relieve itching like aloe vera gel or coconut oil mixed with baking soda (1 tsp per 10 lbs). You can also try an over-the-counter remedy like Benadryl if you notice any signs of an allergic reaction.

4) Gently bathe your dog’s skin with lukewarm water, using a soft washcloth. Be sure to avoid getting shampoo or other soaps into his eyes or ears, as these can irritate them even more than the hives themselves do!

5) If possible then check with a local veterinarian


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