I am curious what type of hives everyone has ?

I’m curious what type of hives everyone has (big ones, little ones, over whole body or in specific areas etc.)
have they changed over time? Do you also get swelling?
Have you always gotten the swelling with your hives or did the swelling develop later?

I get covered over my entire body, head to toe in small red bumps that itch terribly, it resembles the measles or chicken pox. They pop up quickly spreading and multiplying rapidly, Then after several hours or so the bumps flatten and spread out into flatter patches, eventually fading away temporarily , then I break out again within 12 hours. I’ve had it going on for 6 months now and they haven’t changed at all. So far I don’t get any swelling except in my bladder (I have Interstitial cystitis/chronic bladder pain syndrome) and my bladder swells up and hurts when I get the hives.
Here’s a photo of what mine look like, this particular episode was just beginning so I wasn’t as covered yet. I’m just wondering if I should get an epi pen incase I end up swelling one day.


Maureen A Flaherty¬†Oh My Word!!! I can not believe your physician hasn’t given you an Epi-Pen. They come in a pack of 2 because sometimes one doesn’t work!!! PLEASE…be sure to get one…you never know! So very sorry…hope you will be feeling better soon..

Ann Dolan Mine are usually large wealds but sometimes really raised all over x

Jayne Kelly I’ve had just about every type of hive and swelling I think and my doctor won’t give me an epi pen either x

Alicia Teremoana Epi pen I thought was only if ur throat or tongue swells up. I get severe hives and have done so for over 3 months – get the swelling to around my hands, lips & eyes too – I don’t have a epi pen either.. Only real thing that gives me relief is steroids..

Troja Traktor Mine are always big and mainly on the limbs

Jessica Payne Jones Most days mine are like this. On really bad days they can get pretty big though. I get them all over, but mostly on my arms, thighs, and neck.

Lysa Cotterill I have these all over and angioedema at times . when this first started 6 years ago I had no angioedema, that started last flare it seems every new flare is worse than the last. I haven’t been coping well

Jayne Gaynor Mine are usually in one or two areas. An arm. Arm and neck. Hands and feet. One leg. Sometime start with itching and nothing else. Sometimes red blotches come first. Long lines. Like a walked through a pricker bush. As I scratch it turns to long welts and small bumps. Sometimes it looks like I’ve been scratching when I haven’t. My skin pulses and I feel like my blood is rushing through my veins. This happens as soon as the antihistamines start to wear off. Every day.

Jacob Hoover the spontaneous spots are small red dots that occasionally congeal to form larger red blotches. they itch for about 30 minutes and the redness lasts for about an hour if I can avoid scratching. by themselves they aren’t raised up unless I scratch a lot. sensitive areas are the neck, arms below elbows, and occasionally the legs. and I get dermographism from scratching or other friction. it’s more susceptible on the front of my body than the back, as weird as that sounds. same duration as above.. itchy for 30 minutes.. red for an hour.

Missi Nelson Mine look like Lysa’s. Have you had blood work done? I’m curious, too, if anyone else’s look like yours. I also have interstitial cystitis, but didn’t seem affected by the hives. I am sensitive and have to stick to water. Juices, teas, and more than two cups of organic coffee will irritate it.

Katrina Li Charriere I had autoimmune panel blood work done. I have positive ANA, positive Anti SM and positive/high thyroid antibodies of both kinds. I haven’t been to an immunologist or allergist yet. Can’t afford it at this time. I’m just taking Zyrtec and benadryl daily and eating Paleo and juicing daily in place of one meal a day.

El Fraser lol Jayne. Skin tags are annoying too though. But anything that “pricks” is enough to drive me nuts. And btw – I cannot wear anything but “cotton” clothing. Polyester and acrylics are made from petroleum products ‘oil’ you know – and don’t allow skin to breathe, so it’s logical that fake fabrics always bothered me like wearing a plastic bag. Rayon or nylon are not so bad, but even those I keep to a minimum.

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