hi I am feeling nervous and anxious but most of all positive

I am feeling nervous and anxious but most of all positive

So I’ve been approved for xolair I’m feeling nervous and anxious but most of all positive! The impact this disease has on your quality of life from having to wait for 3days of work together just to get n eyebrow thread so you can sit at home for them 3days trying to see through the swelling to going for a walk and not be able to because your feet are too swollen for your shoes to fit!! It’s so defeating.
Having this support group is inspiring seeing everyone deal day to day and how each and every one of you even through your bad days have time to comfort another! I’m sharing this with all you because you well and truly are the only people that will understand how happy I am to say I’ve been approved. And I’m sending love to anyone who may not be having as good a day!


Krystle Brown Oh yikes, this is exactly how mine looks at its worst. So sorry you’re going through this, but happy you have been approved! I hope you find comfort and healing soon!!!

Lori Hlopak Janicki Could be straight from my photo collection. I’m so tired of people asking if I changed laundry soap!

Jessica Lossman Troxell Most annoying question, ever!

Margot Leah That’s when I say “no asshole! I’m allergic to stupidity!”

Aisling Dekker It’s so frustrating especially cause they think it’s just “an itch “

Marcia Lopez That is exactly how my hives look. I took xolair in the past and it made a huge impact in my life.

Aisling Dekker I’m really hoping it makes a difference! Are you not taking it anymore? And do yours ever turn into bruising?

Marcia Lopez I am not on it anymore. I never had any bruising. Xolair made a huge difference.

Libby Jones Great! I totally understand, I was the same way, but have been on Xolair for over a year now, it has made a difference, I’m not hive free, but better.
I take it one day at time and have learned to live with the disease.
God bless and have a great day. Remember stressing out only feeds the hives. I use 99 percent pure Aloe Vera gel on my hives and it REALLY helps with the itching.

Jessica Lossman Troxell Oh, good idea with the aloe!

Pamela Carlin Exactly like mine 🙁 I hope you get better..

Jon Bunner Sorry Ash for what your going through, Mine do look pretty similar to yours but my ankles are typically worse than upper legs. Anyway I am fine at the moment thanks to Xolair but work away from home for extended times and hives do return when I am off if it. Maureen mine are defiantly affected by the cold, not the heat but when its hot going into air conditioning does affect then to.

Catherine Ashton Gr8 News I hope Xolair works for you. I haven’t tried it yet . I have been told to stay off my meds for the next 5 days . So that the Doctor who is going to test me on Tuesday can see me with out meds. I have no hives now but do have some swelling. I am also feeling some tingling and some chills

Kaetrina Jollie Each time I’ve gone to the Drs about hives they gone down

Catherine Ashton Gr8 so I’ll look like a nut case. Like I do in the ER and they tell its in my head that my throat is closing

Aisling Dekker Always the same !!only once has my doctor seen my hives in person always disappear when going docs so I always take loads of photos!

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