I am feeling so hopeful that I have beat this awful disease!

I’ve been sick for over 3 weeks with a sinus infection and bronchitis. I haven’t been sick since I changed my diet. I’ve been dreading getting sick because my hives always got worse with sickness or pain. I have been hive- free since August. I now had to go on antibiotics, which also can trigger hives, and I was concerned they may come back.
THEY DIDN’T! I’m 4 days into antibiotic use, and no hives. I’m feeling so hopeful that I’ve beat this awful disease!


Tammy Thomas Suire You could bE in remission

Jeannie Brzizinski Bostler I don’t have one of the 2 antibodies present in my blood anymore. My Dr at Cleveland clinic told me I am in the process of curing my hashimotos, if I keep on this diet.

Tammy Thomas Suire My hives actually got better though the flu and bronchitis. Antibiotics and all

Jeannie Brzizinski Bostler I was afraid mine would come back because they were always worse when I was sick.

Carol Zammit Happy for you Jeannie! What diet are have you been following please?

Jeannie Brzizinski Bostler A modified autoimmune paleo diet. I had an unusual amount of bad bacteria vs. Good bacteria in my gut, so on top of the probiotic and vitamins I was put on biocidin botanical drops to get my gut straight and I haven’t been this regular in probably 10 or 12 years.

Odyn Reekers Jeannie Brzizinski Bostler hi! What brand of biocodin do you use?

Jeannie Brzizinski Bostler I thought there was only one brand. #BioCidin

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