I am hating this hives side effects

I’m so uncomfortable and don’t want to up my steroids 😢 I’ve been on between 5 and 60 mg of prednisolone every day since oct and I’m hating the side effects. Nothing else works and I don’t know when it’s going to go away 😢😢fed up is an understatement


Gabrielle Headings I just upped too

Renee Masters Doody I’m back on too. It stinks!

Melissa Longton I have been on it since July 5. Anywhere from 10-60 mg depending on how bad it has been

Ana Garcia I take plaquenil now. No need for steroids or antihistamines for me now

Danielle Loughran I’ve been back on prednisone for a week now and still breaking thru! Been taking Zyrtec as well. It’s miserable!

Mike Schwieters This on n off is so hard Hugs

Lynn Docherty Feel your pain it is a terrible condition we all have to endure!

Sue Elshire Hargrave It’s difficult right? It’s hard to continue to go day to day, skin burning and itching, and feet swollen and fired up, and pretending it doesn’t make you crazy! At least for me, I put on a good show in public, but oh .it’s just so radically life altering, and we don’t know how much it’s going to smack us daily! Some days I cope well with the hives that are just trying to take me down, and then other days, I may only be 30% impacted, and I’m a mess, as I’ve had to keep up appearances of being “fine”. It’s the only way I know how to cope to “ACT AS IF” all were ok, and get up and do it again and then the cup of hives runneth over, and I just cry. Crying is good – tears are meant to help level us out, but I wish I knew (magic 8 ball?) before hand how my body was going to impacted, so I could plan around it!!! I think our hives should send us a calendar ahead of time with dates and time of hive activity. Hmm .how do we make them do this??

Susan Belloni Have you tried immunosuppressants in order to get off the steroids yet or been diagnosed autoimmune hives?

Lisa Coleman Patrick I feel you! I’ve been on 5-60 mg since June. Right now I’m on 10 mg. It makes me have terrible heart palpitations. I can be laying in bed doing nothing, and my heart will start racing to 200 beats per minute.

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