I am having my second hive outbreak

Antihistamines & Steroids

Newbie here, hello. I am having my second hive outbreak (scalp to toes!), the first was in Feb and lasted 9 weeks with no known cause. My question is; then and now my gp prescribed various antihistamines & steroids by the bucket load but there is no discernable lessening of the hives. I think I’d rather stop all the tablets and wait it out as the hives are the same with the tablets and without so really why am I shoving a ton of drugs in my body for no reason? I have an appt with the immunotherapy dept on Monday (took 7 months to get it!) and am hoping they’ll help.


Luana Verbanac
My dermatologist gave me also antihistaminics for 2 months since this is the normal proceedure. When we realized antihistaminics did not work, we stopped. As a logical thing to do. I started then whit Xolair (search in this group, a lot of posts) and my hives disappeared.

Rebecca Khaksar
Thanks Luana, I shall ask about that at my appt on Monday.

Ginny Maffei DiMedio

Joyce Rosenblatt


Stella Bethlehem Narin
I only take antihistamines when the itching gets intolerable but it does not get rid of the hives just helps with the itch

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