I am hive free

HOPE. At this exact time last year I had very little hope. I was at my lowest. I found a doctor who promised we would find what would work for me. For me, it was Xolair. 1 year later, I am hive free, 30 pounds lighter, off all other meds, and smiling. Who knows when the next flare will happen, but I wanted to share hope because that is a hard thing to have sometimes with this disease. Thanks to all on this board for the help and wisdom. What a difference a year makes. Keep up the hope.


Rhoda Young Long may your good health continue

Anthony Keri Morgado So happy for you. Do you think xolair had anything to do with your weight loss?

Christie Toffan good question! .  Thank you for sharing! Hope is a wonderful thing!

Gay Keller Holcomb Do you take it monthly?

Barbara Milam-Jividen Happy for you, thanks for sharing

Shonette Holbrook I take Xolair monthly but in September I am going to try and go 5 to 6 weeks. The weight loss has been being off the steroids and lots of hard work. It hasn’t been easy. I feel my biggest key for success has been having a doctor who listens and cared about finding what would work for me. I am also a cancer survivor.I just believe having hope can really help in healing. I hope we all find what works for us

Victoria Havers-Strong That’s awesome.but can someone please tell me the difference between Xolair and Methotrexate? I keep posting and asking I’m on methotrexate, six weeks init’s helping a bit wondering if I should switch to xolair.

Shonette Holbrook I don’t know the answer to that question. Hmmm

Ellen Carroll Oh, sweet Jesus, Shonette, you made me cry for joy. Carpe Diem !

Pamela Vance Wollam Thank you for the msg of hope today!

Sue Elshire Hargrave Thank you! We need to hear this! Yay!

Andrea Hardy Hanner That is awesome! Every single one of us are unique. Xolair didn’t work for me personally. I switched to Cyclosporine on July 15th, and I haven’t had a single hive since!

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