I am in so much pain

I live on a small army base in Germany and I ran into my doctor who looked at my arms and he just sighed in frustration and said there was nothing left for him to do for me and to contact my allergist.. I’m miserable and that was just not what I wanted to hear I just am in so much pain.. I feel like it’s complete insult to injury to not only have hives but to also have bruises and a swollen face from angioedema!
Anyway, I found this group today and it does feel amazing that I’m not alone!


Carol Mark Rollo It’s soooooo rubbish, hope you feel better soon

Diane Seal I had a flare up the other day I was so swollen my face hands u didn’t even reconise it was me

Kassie Lewis Greer That was definitely me this weekend!!! I ran into so many people and they had no idea who I was

Diane Seal We can change in minutes x

Kassie Lewis Greer I hate that you had a flair up but I’m just also so happy that I’m not alone and have this group now of people who understand the pain and frustration!!! Thank you for sharing these with me

Diane Seal U are very welcome I used to cry think y me what did I do to deserve all this pain watch my children be scared of me when I have a bad flare up.but this group has helped loads ever need to talk I’m here for u and anyone else

April Craven-Hatfield Have you heard about Xolair?

Eilidh McDonald Hiya Kassie. I just joined today. Were not alone any more

Ana Garcia Read the info in the folders here. Lots of shared remedies.

Debbie Hewson I have had urticaria and angioedema for three years, I’ve spent hundreds of hours researching what might help. I joined this group a month ago and I’ve learnt even more!

Kassie Lewis Greer I’m on xolair, I had my first shots on the 8th

Connie Watts Then you will hopefully see improvement very soon. For me, it started working within 2 weeks but full benefits took 3-4 month. Since then, hive free!

Franca St. Cyr Gravel Welcome to the hive group!
Unfortunately my general practitioner said something similar to me back in November when I told her that I was not accepting my allergist’s diagnosis of CIU. I hope you find the cocktail that gives you relief.

Emily Gonsalves When I had lots of large hives all over because of a virus and they gave me prednisone, it turned some of them into bruises. Check if there are any meds you’re taking that might be contributing to that just to rule that out.

Kassie Lewis Greer I was just given prednisone for a week! I will definitely check to see if that is the culprit!

Kathy Schmitt Where in Germany are you?

Kassie Lewis Greer Vilseck

Liz Knight Have you been patch tested? After I was they found that I am allergic to potassium dichromate, nickel, and cobalt as well as epoxy resin. I have also had a latex allergy for over twenty years. Since changing my life radically to eliminate as much as I can and going on immune suppressant medication along with antihistamine I have a lot more control. Definitely worth seeing allergy specialist.

Kassie Lewis Greer I see an allergist already, he didn’t want to do a patch test because he did the autoimmune test and I tested wayyy positive to that

Faye Provan There are great people on this site Cassie and we all felt just like you when we found others who have to deal with this awful thing. There are great files you can look at too, xx

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