I am little nervous about taking my hives meds

I finally found a dr that specializes in Urticaria!! Going to see him Tuesday! I was told not to take any antihistamines Saturday thru Tuesday because he will be doing a skin test. I’m s little nervous about not taking my meds!!! However after seeing 3 Allergist’s ( who did blood work only with all normal readings)he is the only one who makes you have a skin test on the initial exam. Curious and very anxious! Wish me luck!


Katie Kuster It’s just an allergy skin test. To see if you have allergies. It was horrible for me to stop taking the antihistamines; I had major flare ups and my skin was crawling. When I had my test it came back with no allergies. They don’t test for everything. Good luck girl. Those 3 days can be hard on ya.

Jennifer DiBiasi Please let us know if you learn anything new

Jessica Lahood Ghorayeb Same here. Had that done and had no allergies. Good luck to you and make sure u drink a lot of water and have a bland diet in the 3 days prior to the test it helps a little with the flare ups. Keep us posted

Shannon Moya I’m doing the food allergy one in two weeks. I had the metal chemical and animal grass tree etc one with no allergies. but. I was recently diagnosed with ibs… as if urticaria isn’t enough. so I requested food allergy just to make sure

Julie Piskin I hope it goes well. Please keep us posted.

Christine Colardo Yes please do – good luck!

Renea Magby My doctor wanted me to do that but after 3 days and a huge outbreak of hives crying burning skin I was done!!! When I told her she completely understand when she saw my huge hives’s all over even after starting back on medication!!! Xolair changed my life completely!!! Soooooo very Thankful!!!

Amanda Lally How many xolair shots until you were symptom and itch free?

Renea Magby After my first one I only broke out twice but not a terrible breakout. After my second I haven’t had any !!! Thankfully !!!

Amanda Lally Renea Magby wow. Amazing. Have had 3 and still have hives and small lip swells.

MaryJo Alwin Could u pm me the drs name , my son who now 11 has been suffering since he was 3 . We have seen to many specialist and had lots of testing,still no answer .I am in the same area

Lindsey Scheer My doctor also had me stop antihistamines before my testing….. and I’m proud to say I have been histamine free since Oct 2017. Once I got over the first 4 days of crazy itching. It was so much better I don’t take any anymore. I only get a few hives here and there now!

Martyn Johnson Skin prick tests are a waiste of time, I’ve had loads don’t mean anything, most people are allergic to cat hair / grass etc via prick test.
The hardest part was swelling up for a weekend cause had no meds in me

Kacey Baughn One dr I saw wouldn’t let me take any meds for FIVE days and I was a hot mess when I went in. Another dr said 3 and I was so nervous about it but did so much better than being off 5.

Joline Arel Good luck. I got off my meds for a week to do skin test only to have the dr say my skin was to sensitive and he would get all false positives. I paid for that the following week with severe breakouts.

Kate Ann i,had skin prick test and nothing showed. blood work and nothing either. I have chronic hives and they are mostly on griin, under boib, thighs, behind knees and my doctor says i can continue my daily activities as normal. last night I was so itchy i couldn’t sleep even w zyrtec and itch lotion. I have work in the AM and have issues being tired because im up all night and when I go grocery or somewhere and i itxh, i just cut the trip short to go home. it’s affecting my life. I wish they could do something without pumping me up w steroids

Laura Nugent Woke up today with lips swollen and hives all over! Dr said to take histamines before I got worse!! Just going for consultation tomorrow. Ugh! They also told me if you have hives they don’t do a skin test Bc hives will give s false reading!

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