Claritin, Benadryl, Zyrtec, Zantac, pepcid also taking atarax, periactin, and Klonopin.. It’s kind of keeping the hives away

I recommend avoiding crazy in-laws. My hives started 3 years ago while I was under a lot of pressure in nursing school. Saw an allergist, put on Zyrtec, and was hive free for 3 years. Well this past Christmas with the in-laws and other stressors made me a complete emotional wreck!! Zyrtec stopped working, doubled the dose, no relief. Put on atarax. No relief. Allergist put me on Periactin which has not helped. So I went to the store and bought Claritin, Benadryl, Zyrtec, Zantac, pepcid also taking atarax, periactin, and Klonopin.. It’s kind of keeping the hives away. I AM NOT ADVISING ANYONE TO TAKE THESE MIXED MEDS. However, moral of the story is, AVOID CRAZY MOTHER IN-LAWS!!


Christine R. Evans
Allegra is the only thing that helps me.

Ashley Jannette
Christine R. Evans I’m glad you have one that works 💗

Abby Hanson
Hope you find relief. Sending healthy vibes. 💕

Ashley Jannette
Abby Hanson Thank you Abby

Margaret Crider
I recommend avoiding family in general. Unless of course you get along with them. But both of ours are nuts. Thankfully we live 2500 miles apart.
Also, maybe try Xyzal. I take that and ranitidine and that works for me.

Ashley Jannette
Margaret Crider I definitely try and avoid them at all costs lol. I ran out and picked up some Xyzal! Haven’t tried this one yet so I’ll give it a shot. 🙏

Margaret Crider
Ashley Jannette I hope it works for you. It used to only be rx but was released for otc sales a year or so ago. I like it.

Sarah Marocchini
I live with my In-laws and my hives started in September. My mom lives about 30 minutes away. We noticed that when I have at home with my In-laws I was broken out to the point of crazy. We would then go to my moms and my hives would get better. Not gone, but better. This happened for weeks. We thought it was something in our room. Now with time I have come to realize my In-laws and the stress they cause me were what was causing them to flair.

Ashley Jannette
Sarah Marocchini Oh no! Do you have plans to move out of the in-laws? My father in-law moved in with us..if these hives don’t settle down soon, one of us it outta here!

Sarah Marocchini
I wish we could. But we have an 8 month old and we are only on 1 income right now. Unfortunately I’m dealing with a messed up back right now that’s keeping me out of work for the moment. Luckily my hives are being kept at bay at the moment by my Xolair shots but I’m dealing with insurance so I’m late getting my shot. I’m just crossing my fingers they stay away for now. I wish you luck. My In-laws are making me lose my mind!

Mabel J CW
Mine was my husband…now ex. 😂
On a serious note, that’s how I initially noticed stress may be contributing to it. It’s my biggest trigger. That and heat.

Ashley Jannette
Mabel J CW It’s definitely stress for me too. Hopefully exing out your ex has helped! ♥️

Joi Lynn
Stress doesn’t seem to be a factor for me, but a couple years ago , after 23 years, I decided to quit my mother in law. I just avoid all scenarios around her and have minimal contact. Life is much better

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