hi I am now pretty much hive free , any great home remedies for bad days??

I am now pretty much hive free , any great home remedies for bad days??

Hello fellow hive sufferers!!! Well i am what you would consider a newbie as im currently suffering with my first ever episode of hives lasting just under 2 months now. I can honestly say i have never felt so depressed and down in my whole life. Im currently training to be a lawyer so confidence is everything yet I dont feel like this is really my body, i dont even recognise myself and im just terrified at the thought of how long this may last. I am on 4 180mg of fexafenodine per day, which i cant say work 100% but they’re okay.
My home remedies include adding alkaline drops to my water, having a very low histimine diet (no diary in particular), omega 3, vitimin D and enzyme supplements (i do own proboitic supplements but i was told theyre bad for this condition – any thoughts)?! I also take 2 Quercetin complex supplements a day. My doctor also said to take parcetmol before bed to control my core temp which stops the break outs great and sleeping with a fan on!
I am now pretty much hive free yet it i do have bad days sometimes which mostly comes out on my legs.
I use e45 cream and witch hazel to sooth my skins but also bought this weird machine that supposedly reduces swelling and takes the wealts away within 15 minutes (it takes around 30mins usually) but theyve been a great help too!!
Sharing some pics of me at my worst (sorry for the hidiousness) and my skin today following 2 weeks with my diet change and supplements.
Anything thats worked wonders for anyone else??? Or any great home remedies for bad days??


Jessica Collins Jade Watts I would advice you to speak with your doctor about prescribing you some singular & take (1) Zantac in the am&pm If this doesnt help Ask your doctor about Xolair injections Good-Luck & I know how your feeling with being depressed I’m finally snapping out of it

Jade Watts Great thanks ill mention it at tomorrows appointment!! Yes i have been researching Xolair injections and im very eager for something long term like that! Slightly worried about the side effect though? Have you had it? And aw im glad your feeling better! X

Janice McClurg So sorry. After 9 years the only thing that has worked for me is Xolair injections every month.

Jade Watts Yeah i have been researching xolair!! How have you been with side effects?

Sabrina Pacheco I use a probiotic twice a day, 500mg of vitamin c, 12,000 mg of d3, Zyrtec 3 times a day with a Singulair & benedryl at night. I am also on Xolair injections once every 4 weeks. My hives are still there but extremely minimal. My life is finally livable again!

Jade Watts Aw thats absolutely great to hear glad you’re doing good!!! Yeah im going to suggest that kind of treatment to my doctors because i think its more that its getting better each day on its own rather than it being the fexafenodine, as i think on a very bad day it wouldnt help at all (during my worst weeks i was on steriods). How are you finding Xolair? Also, are you okay on the probotics? I read on a CIU website to avoid them?!

Sabrina Pacheco I’ve been doing great on my probiotics & it’s helped my stomachs issues. I have IBS as well. Was diagnosed with it as a child. Xolair has been a miracle for me but I also changed my eating habits & run 4-5 times a week. I cut spinach out of my diet so far because I noticed the hives were much worse after eating it but that’s it so far. This disease is very frustrating but I think your on the right track as far as finding things that work best for you. The important thing to remember is you & only you know your body the best. Dr’s mean well but are not always the best listeners to their patients.

Brie Vernier This is the first time I’ve heard that probiotics aren’t good for this condition. I haven’t taken any myself, but I’ve seen it recommended by many. Which one(s) are you taking, Sabrina?

Sabrina Pacheco I use the one through Advocare. I take it before breakfast & before dinner. It’s really easy on my stomach.

Jennifer Leigh Johnson Stay strong! Do not let this get the best of you. Sounds like you are being very active towards living better and that may help. I wish you better health!!

Jade Watts Thank you Jennifer i really appreciate it!

Gemma Way You’ll get through this girl! I’ve been on doxepin for almost a year (100mg) talk to your doctor about that option! It worked wonders for me, I’m now hive free:) it takes about 1 month to kick in but it’s worth it!

Jade Watts Thanks Gemma!! Yes i have heard quite a few positive stories on people using doxepin!!! Ill mention it to my doctor to see what he thinks!!! Thanks!!!

Christina Winters If probiotics are helping you, you may want to look into candida. It’s when your gut flora gets imbalanced because you essentially have yeast taking over in there and the good guys are outnumbered. It can be controlled with diet, look into it!

Jade Watts Yeah thanks i’ll have a research!!!

Stacey King Trouy I have heard mixed reviews about probiotics and hives. They either help or cause a flare up. I am trying to decide if my son should take them or not.

Jade Watts Yeah i have read the same!! But i had them before i heard that and i remember i had a really good day for the day and the following, just had some today to test it, so ill tell you later how it goes! Hope your son is okay!

Abigail Brady So I’m just learning about probiotics and their connection to hives. Some have bacteria that are histamine liberators and some decrease histamine. I just stared taking Seeking Health Probiota Bifido yesterday, has helped people… hoping it works. Also, Xolair was amazing for the few years I was on it. Took a year of monthly shots to work for me, takes most people 3 months. Try to get it for your son. It was developed as a drug for children with asthma, so is very safe (Just not safe enough for pregnancy and breastfeeding which is why I’m off it for now). Good luck!

April Craven-Hatfield Xolair was the only med that helped me. The prednisone packed the weight on, but after I was weaned off the prednisone the weight came back off. My heart goes out to you there is a great group for support here.

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