I am proof that you CAN beat hives

They started me on the Zolair shot I get it every 2 weeks a shot in each arm

Hello! I’ve been dealing with this since March of 2019. I tried EVERYTHING I felt that I could. Steroids, MULTIPLE doctors, testing of all kinds, numerous of hospital visits for swelling so bad I couldn’t breathe. I finally went to an allergy doctor after going to prior ones I finally found one who took time to heal me and help me and they started me on the Zolair shot I get it every 2 weeks a shot in each arm. It’s helped SOOO much. I still get a few hives but nothing like I use to. I still take Zyrtec and pepcide as needed. I mainly am making this post as a positive outlook. There’s hope you just have to stay positive. You’ll get through this. Don’t give up and DO NOT settle. Try different doctors there is bound to be one that is willing to work with you and help you. Here is my journey in pictures. I was BAD. I cried myself to sleep half the nights. Some nights I couldn’t even move. I’d get sent home from work because I was so bad. I’d itch them so bad I’d bruise. But I’ve over come them and have gotten a lot better. All the selfies with no hives are me CURRENTLY! I’m forever thankful I didn’t give up. I’m always here if someone needs to just talk or vent or needs help. My inbox is always open. But I’m proof that you CAN beat this.


Patty McNiel
Wow!!! This is amazing. I am so happy for you. Do you feel it was the Xolair that turned the tide. I just had my 4th shot and am still broken out. Had to start prednisone again.

Brandi Alexandria McCarty
Patty McNiel yes for sure the shot is what turned everything around. Just hang in there. It took me about 2 weeks before the shot actually got in my system!

Sandra L Gardner
Patty McNiel You sound like me, had my 3rd shot but I’ve been on prednisone for a week because of a bad outbreak the week before

Marlee Galloway
Patty McNiel I was on xolair for 6 months or so and it wasn’t doing anything… now I get an injection I give myself at home called dupixent. It made them all go away!!

Patty McNiel
Brandi Alexandria McCarty thank you for telling me that. Hoping that’s the case with me yoo

Brandi Alexandria McCarty
Patty McNiel no problem!

Brandi Alexandria McCarty
Marlee Galloway that’s awesome! Everyone has to find what works best for them! The Xolair shot may not be for everyone. But it does work for some.

Karen D’Angelo
Thanks for sharing! I had a major relapse after being hive free for 2 years, and your story is very inspiring. ♡ How awful, and how hopeful!

Brandi Alexandria McCarty
Karen D’Angelo thank you! Stay positive! You can over come this.

Natalija Natalija
Hallo. Xolair is not treatment.
After shoots, hives come back. It helps just for the moment

Brandi Alexandria McCarty

Natalija Natalija Patience!!! It takes time. When I started the shots I was getting them every 4 weeks. It wasn’t working as well as my allergy doctor wanted so she upped it to every 2 weeks now and it still took a couple shots for it to get into my system and start working. Changes don’t happen over night sadly! But if you continue the shots changes will happen and you will finally feel some relief!

Edith Smith
So glad you found relief, I have the same story. Thank God for Xolair!

Elaine Mercer
I suffered for two years. Meds only suppressed it. I then started reflexology after two sessions I stopped medication and two years later I am still clear.

Brandi Alexandria McCarty
Elaine Mercer that’s awesome!!! 🥳

Elaine Mercer

Brandi Alexandria McCarty do explore xx

Jeny Amor
You are looking amazing. What a difference!

Brandi Alexandria McCarty
Jeny Amor thank you!

Louise Humphries
Thats great news. I think i will look into it.

Sierra Walstad

Love This! 💜 I had many days like you.

Sharron Smaar
Me too had to be off work today so painful

Brandi Alexandria McCarty
Sharron Smaar stay positive! Trust me I know they hurt & are so annoying. Try putting some cold packs on them. That also seemed to help me. Or a cool shower.

Sharron Smaar
Brandi I’ll try downside to that is it is winter and 9degrees outside

Brandi Alexandria McCarty
Sharron Smaar oh goodness! That’s a cold one!

Indhu KP
Happy to hear ur message of hope

Sheila Tai
I’m very happy for you, you are looking good.

Brandi Alexandria McCarty
Sheila Tai thank you!

Jax Shepherd
You re a ray of sunshine.

Brandi Alexandria McCarty
Jax Shepherd thank you so much! Just trying to show people there’s hope and you can over come this.

Sandra L Gardner
So glad you are better, when I have an outbreak the itching is terrible, I’ve had my 3rd round, shot in each arm of Xolair shots on Monday but have been on prednisone for the last five days so we shall see if the shots are working when the prednisone is out of my system, thanks for sharing and giving others hope.

Brandi Alexandria McCarty
Sandra L Gardner I found out I was allergic to the prednisone and it made my hives WORSE. So be careful with that. The Xolair shot helped me. Stay positive!!

Sandra L Gardner
Brandi Alexandria McCarty Hope I don’t become allergic to it.

Verity Wood
It’s always good to see positive treatments on here! So glad something is working for you xx

Suzanne Davey
So pleased to see a positive post. This gives me hope. You are so pretty xx

Brandi Alexandria McCarty
Suzanne Davey thank you so much! When I made this post I was hoping to shine some light on the subject. This is not a fun situation by any means but there is hope!

Suzanne Davey
Brandi Alexandria McCarty definitely. I think we all know it won’t go on it’s own in most cases. Just a case of finding the one thing that helps x

Jennie Roe
So happy for you! I just got my 6th month Xolair injections today, it has helped me so much.

Tiffani Lee Johnson
Xolair saved me! So glad it is helping you.❤️

Debbie Holcombe Johnson
I’m so happy for you! Thank you for the inspiring post. This is very encouraging. ♥️♥️♥️

Kristy Gronseth
I’m so thankful that you found help. May God bless you and the doctor who listened to you!!

Brandi Alexandria McCarty
Kristy Gronseth thank you so much!

Linda Fradgley
Really pleased for you – you look amazing – and happy x

Darrah Garcia Adamcik
Thank you for sharing. Never settle. I so agree.

Brandi Alexandria McCarty
Darrah Garcia Adamcik thank you!

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