I am so grateful to finally get my first xolair injection today

I’m so grateful to finally get my first xolair injection today. I’m just sooo tired. I slept for two hours afterwards but I’m still drained. Anyone else have the same symptom and what other symptoms should I expect?


Melissa Nagel I get a bit tired after too

Misty Dawn Yep. I need a solid 12 hours of sleep after, which makes me kind of a zombie. Also make me feel very warm, occasional headaches but absolutely worth it! Hive free since ten days after my first – I go for my eighth tomorrow. It’s been a miracle for me, after 9 years of this ridiculousness 🙂 fingers crossed for you!

Libby Jones I found if I eat within an hour after my shot it really helps.

Misty Dawn Good tip – I’ll try that tomorrow!

Charlotte Taylor Bishop My first couple of months were like that– super tired, almost achy. I’ve been getting them over a year now and there are no symptoms at all. I guess the body just really has to get used to them.

Carm Smith Headache, nausea for a bit…then it goes away.

Michele Hollis i have no energy for about 3 days after mine i got mine yesterday afternoon and i still feel like they replaced my muscles with cement

Paul Chopra I’m on year 2 of Xolair. I was wiped out for 2-3 days after the first few shots, it slowly gets better. Now it’s just another day

Christie Powers I dont get tired anymore I did a lot after the first one but I think it was from all the anticipation. It drained me emotionally

Linda Powell Had my first shot last Monday. I still feel a bit fatigued. Still slightly itchy and a few hives here and there but generally better than I was. I have had strange pains in my thighs however and am to see the Dr. next week to determine whether we will continue with the shots.

Tracy Shaw McAnnally I’m always exhausted after mine, Stacy. I usually feel better by the 3rd day, and stay feeling fine until the 3rd week. During the 4th week, as the shot starts to wear off, I have breakthrough hives if I find myself in stressful (or even not so stressful) situations.

Alvaro Ojeda 3 days of mild headache for me. Results next day, zero hives. Totally worth it. Good luck!

Rachel Rae DiSalvo Rest. Allow your body to get acclimated drink lots of water. Migraines can sometimes pop up but generally nothing major. I used to get sleepy when I first got my shots. Now not so much. Mostly I think it was just my body exhausted from having welts.

Martha Reyna I’m paranoid about taking Xolair. I’m afraid of the possible allergic reactions. I’m allergic to Prednisone.

Marlo Mervosh My son got his first shot yesterday, I had to pick him up from school today, said he wasn’t feeling good, super tired.

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