I am so happy that huge mass of hives is gone

Oh, what a day! The creeping crud had moved it’s way up my body, and is currently wreaking havoc on my face..Grrrrr. I have dunked my head (scalp is covered) underwater in the deep sink in the laundry room 3 times today already!!! Love “THE BURN” on my face.-NOT! Nasty Urticaria!
So glad I didn’t need to be in public today..HOWEVER, it is probably the time for me to BE in public, as we shouldn’t have to hide, and there are probably many people who have never seen people like us! A little “teachable moment” might be a good thing! This urticaria will pass. Yes, there will be more tomorrow, but it will at least look different than today, and then begin to subside. We get to take a big gulp of air, and then the next wave of urticaria comes in.and we try to ride with it!
Thanks to all you “urticarials”!!!


Lisa Arévalos Oh my, just looking at your photo makes we want to cry. I’m so sorry 

Rachel Rae DiSalvo Oh my! Sue… I’m sorry you’re not feeling well today. Sending you a cool gentle hug.

Martin Asinari Ugh. Awful. Strength heading your way to deal with that.

Jennifer Slucher so sorry, i hope it gets better for you

Allie Birmingham Oh no! I feel so sorry for you! I’ve never had it that bad on my face and can’t even imagine the discomfort.

Vivian Wiser Words are so inadequate but I’m so sorry you are suffering. I hope they go away soon.

MartyAnne Whited Kowalski If you can do colloidal oatmeal, when mine are bad I put some in the cool water, but I make a paste for my skin of it, which seemed to give some relief. (Assuming cold water and oatmeal work for you.)

Samantha Burnette So very sorry!! Sending comfort and healing thoughts your way!! Big Hugs!!!

Bec Pelz Oh my dear! I have looked just like that and it’s awful! Praying you have relief soon!!

MartyAnne Whited Kowalski You would think they could make patches of the stuff you put on burns and blisters, which are gel-like and mostly water for our patches. (By the way this is not advice since I haven’t looked it up to see if its harmful to us)

Tracy Dieck What a bummer! I feel lucky that mine rarely affects my face. Hope it clears up soon.

Karen Shectman Sue, I am so sorry you have to suffer like this. I wish I knew how to help. My heart goes out to you.

Deborah Schneierson I’m so glad that’s gone ,too 🙂 That must have been very difficult. I’m glad it moved through quickly.


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