I am so scared my hives symptoms will return

I’ve been on xolair for the past 18 months after 12 months of hell. I was having my injections every 4 weeks and it’s been amazing but this month I had my xolair a week ago and my joints are swollen, burning and sore? No rash but I can feel it coming. Please tell me xolair doesn’t stop working?
I am so scared my symptoms will return and anaphylaxis with rear its ugly head. Positive vibes people I need them. I’ve attached pics of before I started xolair so u know why I am so scared. Top face pic is before xolair and the bottom one is after.


Kerrie Armitage You could ask your specialist about increasing your dose to 450mg (I’m assuming your currently on 300mg).

Janet Claus What I wonder is, if xolair is this miracle drug, then why do I still need to take other meds while on it?

Evelyn Brethour Your doctor would be the best person to direct this question to.

Janet Claus Evelyn Brethour I’ve asked I get alternative facts

Anna L Eisenhauer Janet Claus mmmmm’ alternative facts, now where have I heard that comment before, I wonder..

Leila Blades Since starting 300mg of xolair I have been steroid and antihistamine free

Heather Maurer I completely understand. I went nearly 6 months hive free and am having random hives and swelling again. I’m on 300 mg as well. It’s very disappointing. Best of luck to u

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