I am so scared of taking tablets for hives

Had another bad flare up this was just a patch on my back ended up in tears in the doctors surgery because they wanted to put me on steroids I’m so scared off taking tablets they ended up prescribing me atarax which completely knocked me out and seemed to help but with 4 kids in the house there’s no way I can keep taking them unless my hubby is home. This is so exhausting trying to cope with this condition x


Christine Freeman-Roth I know it is hard. When I had hives in 2009 I was back at work and caring for my 7 month old. My husband, who was on parental leave at the time while I went back to teaching, slipped a disk in his back and I can to care for him too. (Yes I am sure that round of hives was triggered by stress. That was the worst 6 months of my life without a doubt.) once they figured out what was going on (months later) I was on atarax and doxepin and Reactine for months and I can tell you that for me the drowsiness passed. I remember going to see a new doctor and telling him the med’s I was taking. He asked me how I got to the clinic and I told him I drove. His jaw dropped. He said he didn’t understand how I was standing upright let alone that I might have been able to drive a car. (I was taking atarax in the daytime too then.) Of course when I started with those meds they would put me to sleep, but my body gradually adjusted. I hope yours does too.

Louise Claire Mcculloch Oh that’s reassuring I didn’t want to keep taking them alongside my other antihistamines because I don’t want to b sleeping all the time but hopefully when my body gets used to them the drowsiness will fade x

Sharon Vollrath I can say the same. I’ve used Atarax for the last 6 years on and off. They no longer make me drowsy. Sometimes I wish they still did at night. Lol

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