I am so swollen and irritated by this stupid urticaria

The only way I have confidence to walk out the house ATM is with makeup, I’m so swollen and irritated by this stupid #urticaria I have bruised eyes and cheek from it not to mention that I’m still sick as!! All I can say is thank god for makeup


Carmel Spencer Some days I won’t even go out with make up on makes it worse me me I hate this last 17 odd years of livening with CU so sorry for you darling girl

Missi Nelson I think we look worse than we do when we don’t feel well, Cassie. You are a pretty girl! Don’t be embarrassed by this. Having been burned on my chin as a child, I grew up with a large keloid scar from a precancerous growth that grew on top of the burn that was surgically removed. I was not teased; I had boyfriends; I did not cover my scar; my smile is crooked:) You are not your skin. Let your inward beauty shine outward. Now, if I could only stop these darn age spots from popping up all over!

Monica Setzer Tulley I can’t wear makeup. It makes it worse for me.

Cassie Leggio Sorry to hear that Missi and yes we are more then our skin but it does make me feel better and Monica there’s a lot of purple on here in the same boat as you, sorry to hear also xx

Carol Byrd¬†You’re a beautiful young woman!

Carmel Spencer Hope you are feeling better today sweet girl

Cassie Leggio Not yet I now have an ear infection as well

Carmel Spencer O darling thing try and get as much rest as you can

Cassie Leggio I feel like I’ve been in bed for a week now I’m so bored

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