I am so tired of itching.

just joined this group tonight. Of the last seven weeks almost every night I have breaking out in hives. I finally made a doctors appointment for this Thursday. I am so tired of itching I have gone through a whole box of Benadryl. Just curious to see what helps other people here’s a picture of what I have in my Welts.


ARIEL BERGER Have you noticed a difference after you eat, or drink? Could it be something you ate or drank, my kids sometimes don’t get hives until hours after they’ve had something

DIANA ARRIAGA It’s mainly late afternoon and night. My diet hasn’t changed. It gets so itchy sometimes I bleed. I don’t use any perfume like lotions /soaps Hide or report this

MARLA MCININCH GONZALEZ Zyrtec is my savior . Have you had PATCH testing? Or food Allergy testing?

DIANA ARRIAGA No not yet. I have a dr appt Thursday. Yes I can but don’t wear it.

ANOOB BACKER Dip a towel in cold salted water. Squeeze of the water & wrap the towel it over the infected area. Do this thrice a day if possible. This was suggested by a doc & i find it effective.

DIANA ARRIAGA Thanks I will try that. Sometimes I do ice packs. Will try that

JAMES WILLIFORD Removing gluten from my diet cured my hives. Took a few weeks to get it all out of my system though so if you try it, be patient.

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