I am still itchy

August 10 I woke up around 6am itchy on my side..I had 3 little welts and thought it was just Mosquitoe bites from us having a water fight the night before. So I brushed it off. By 1 pm my whole side and legs were sooo itchy And realized I had hives..I have a chronic skin condition called Hidradenitis Suppurativa.. that means I stick to one type of soap, washing powder, and simple foods. So I didn’t know where it came from. Went to the store got some calamine lotion and Benadryl. That didn’t help..so I soaked in some alcohol and ate some of my CBDs and forced myself to sleep. 4am I woke up with chest pains and could barely breathe..oh and super itchy.. headed to the ER they kept me for a total of 10mins..in and out with a prescription for more Benadryl and Cetirizine. None of that really helped..I couldn’t see my doctor until the following week so I had to ride it out..so Friday came for my doctors apt..the hives were gone down..but they still did an allergy/thyroid test and was given prednisone and was told to continue taking those meds..everything went away after a week or two..or so I thought..
Sept 28 and they’re back..this time EVERYWHERE!! From my head to the bottom of my feet..I NEVER knew you could get them there.. so the itching on the inside of the bottom of my feet were horrible..went back to the doctor Oct 2 and by this time I’m swelling up..hands, cheeks, lips, and feet..so it pained me to walk! I was literally carried into my apt was given Zyrtec, some Epi pens and something else..can’t think of the name at the moment..
It’s Oct 19 and I’m still itchy..and my eyes are back swollen..ughhhh
And I think this prednisone is putting weight on me..I’ve gained almost 10ibs since starting it
Any suggestions..I’m here for it all..no matter how big or small


Shieterrick Melton Hey there I’m not super familiar with your health condition though you sound like a mastie like me!! Mast cell activation syndrome…

May Kay Maybe go to super low histamine diet to get the hives to calm. I’m so sorry, this must be so upsetting.

Jennifer Verge Yes, May is right. Google low histamine diet. And also, research antihistamine herbal supplements like quercetin, bromelain, turmeric, etc.
I’m so sorry, that sounds and looks absolutely miserable. Sending you healing vibes and luck

Diane Hancock I take 2 Zyrtec and 1 150mg Zantac morning and night. I sometimes have to add Telfast and/or Phenergan in at night as well, if having a bad day.
Mostly my hives are controlled by the medication and a low histamine diet.
A GP will not prescribe antihistamines at these high doses, only a specialist. For me that is a dermatologist.
I had no relief from standard doses of Zyrtec but had the best improvement when I added in the Zantac. All under the advice of the dermatologist.

Lusine Roy Has your doc considered xolair shot? Try to get off of prednisone, I had my 16 year old on it for only 10 days and it did a number on her body, bad side effects, yes and weight gain. Try allegra in the morning, zyrtec, hydroxisine, pepcid Ac at night. Also she takes, zinc, magnesium, vitamin C, Vitamin D+K2 from Amazon, and recently started her on grassfed kidney suppliment from Amazon as well which is a histamine blocker

Hema Sundar Rao Best medicines in homeopathick

Shieterrick Melton Hema Sundar Rao this isn’t always true. In some cases yes. For individuals like me, is a BIG NO NO. Why allergic to everything.

LaToya Thomas Hey guys..sorry took so long to respond..FB didn’t let me know I had comments. But I’m going to read over them and take it all in..thanks soo much

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