I am still taking all of my antihistamines, but they didn’t really seem to make me sleepy.

I still really have reservations about Cyclosporine

2 days into Cyclosporine and I’ve been hive free for almost the whole day!! I woke up with a few, but they were gone after the morning dose. I’m being cautiously optimistic right now, but I will take every moment I can get of this BLISS!
That said, I still really have reservations about Cyclosporine. My blood pressure is high as it is… And I’m worried that I’m trading off hives for potentially much worse damage from the medication. 🙄
Edit to add: Any of you that take Cyclosporine, does it make you tired and/or just feel off? I’m still taking all of my antihistamines, but they didn’t really seem to make me sleepy. Now that I started the Cyclo I’m falling asleep all day long and can hardly function at work.


Savannah Layne
That’s wonderful news!!! I’m so happy for you!!! 😆

Carla Gregory Maxwell
Cyclosporine allowed me to get married hive free. Be diligent about monitoring your health with it. I pray you go into remission while you’re on it.

Lisa Douglas Villeneuve
I’ve had 1 week on it & although I’m still so dry & some rash – I have hope ! So happy for you. I had reservations as well & now wish I was put on it awhile ago. The doctors will monitor u closely

Rhonda Heath-Cowan Riker
I followed it and cut out all drugs slowly, over the counter and prescription drugs and now knock on wood everything gone now for two years. I really watched the food list above and watched drinking alcohol. Please try it saved me, and they aren’t selling anything. Let me know if you do, curious if anyone else is trying it.

Bonnie Schultz
I am in remission and am so grateful!
HOWEVER I am noticing I get very sick with things that I used to fend off easily (teacher immunity) and do not heal well. Sore throat, tender lymph glands, tire very easily,dealing with steroid weight gain…

Danielle Mercer-Jones
Is there a reason you’re on cyclosporine and not xolair? X

Nikki Halvorson
Danielle Louise The allergist wanted to try both, we’re still waiting for insurance approval on Xolair.

Danielle Mercer-Jones
Nikki Halvorson ah okay that makes sense. Sorry you’ve had to keep waiting! I hope things continue to improve for you xx

Nikki Halvorson
Danielle Louise Thanks!

Vanessa Briefer Reagan
I started cyclosporine 10 days ago. I feel so amazing! My body and soul is finally at peace! I’ll be curious when I see my doc next how I’ll taper off this and all my other meds. I still take 10mg prednisone, but it wasn’t helping at all. I’m still on Xolair but that wasn’t doing anything either. I’m so thankful for cyclosporine. I had reservations too, but now I’m glad I did it. I finally have my life back.

Vanessa Briefer Reagan
I forgot to add. I do have a weird side effect. Every so often my fingers/hands feel like they are burning. It passes after a few minutes, but it’s kinda weird. I’ll take it though.

Ann Margaret Mole
I was on cyclo only side effect was high blood pressure which is the reason it was stopped


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