I am trying to figure out if this is hives or another condition

Hi. I hope everyone is having a Merry Christmas! Thanks for the add.
I am trying to figure out if this is hives or another condition. I was looking for your thoughts?
It comes and goes. Heat definitely triggers me wether it’s from a how shower, exercise, or just hot out. Also, spicy foods also trigger me.
Your opinions is greatly appreciated!


Ma. Eugenia Gonzalez Belfort
It doesn’t look like hives but I am not a doctor. I have suffered from hives for several years though.

Amy K. Ritchie
Looks similar to me and the doc called it dermatitis. But I’m on an antihistamine regiment like the diagnosed hives people.

Nikita Napier Pattison
Amy K. Ritchie ya so am I. But sometimes it don’t cut it. What dose are you ok??
But it comes and goes. Like it will flare at night and sometimes he gone by morning. So odd.

Amy K. Ritchie
Nikita Napier Pattison morning is my best time!
I’m currently on 360mg Fexofenadine and 5mg Xyzal in am; 360mg Fexofenadine again in pm; Holy Basil twice a day for an H2; freeze dried nettles during the day for breakthrough if needed; Benadryl at night if needed; daily moisturizing after shower with Lubriderm cream.
Currently on prednisone but tapering so I can enjoy my Christmas trip.

Nikita Napier Pattison
Oh ya see I’m not on anything like that. I have a appt on Jan 9th again with my dermatologist. Maybe then we will get more treatment.

Bridget Carroll

My son’s psoriasis started on his face. Another possibility.

Nikita Napier Pattison
Bridget Carroll I haven’t looked that up so I know nothing about what it looks and feels like.

Nikita Napier Pattison
Oh I’m sorry. Yes this is all so new to me I can’t figure it out. I’ve been diagnosed with perioral dermatitis & rosace. But the way it comes and goes so fast makes me believe other wise. Plus, the treatments for my diagnosis don’t work.

Julie Davies
I was fine an hour ago then booooom feel ur pain xx

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