I am Very frustrated with this hives

Very frustrated. Can’t have allergy testing unless I go for at least a week without an antihistamine-they really want two weeks. Not even supposed to use a topical. I literally can’t.

I eat low carb-I can’t eat carb heavy as that presents a whole other list of problems my body can’t handle including rapid weight gain and joint pain. Terrible fatigue. So other than beans .what do you guys eat? This photo is me yesterday I’ve been dealing with hives for about 6 years. The past three have been bad.

I need to hear what you guys eat in a typical day. The histamine lists are a lot of what I eat although I avoid the ones that seem to be the worst. I’m allergic to onions and garlic I know about those because of how severe and fast my reaction is. Going to start celery juicing today. Need ideas. I eat salad, chicken, nuts and cheese. And protein shakes.


Suzi Torres Tons of warm lemon water and Braggs apple cider vinegar 2x a day, I upped my vitamin c and magnesium. Look into leaky gut or candida diet. I feel your pain, mine are almost gone, almost  . I also do not eat, wheat, gluten, dairy, sugar. It’s hard but can be done. Bonus, I lost 80 pounds!

Monica Kandrat Carna Suzi Torres what does CBD oil do for hives?

Jeff Berman Are you taking any daily medications including over the counter? I became severely allergic to Advil and Aleve last fall

Monica Kandrat Carna Jeff Berman I don’t take them any longer…huge reaction.

Becca Nash I understand, I’m stuck in that same circle. The won’t test me while I’m on prednisone but I keep going into anaphylaxis and prednisone is what I have to take to stop it 🙁

Lynn Lucas Gould You really should try to avoid all high histamine foods for the time being. When I first started to heal my gut, I cut out everything on the high histamine list, including nuts, sugar, carbs, gluten, spices, pork products, pre packaged foods, and dairy. Everything I ate was bland, and freshly cooked. Try to avoid aspirin and nsaids, they tend to make hives worse. It’s a drag, but it does help. Watch out for candida die off as your gut heals, hives can flare from it, and people tend to give up because they think what they’re doing isn’t helping, but it is, it just takes time. You won’t be clear overnight from this. Even now, after 2 years of healing my gut, I will still flare from things I know I should stay away from but eat anyway. Just a heads up on the celery juicing, I know a lot of people find it helps their condition, but I personally react to celery, so be aware that it’s not for everyone.

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