I am very low on vitamin D. Is that the cause?

What did I eat?

Just wanted to thank each and every one of you who has participated in this support group. My (basically mild, but oh so annoying) hives stated on Thanksgiving. I figured out what was going and joined this group about a month ago. I’ve read every single one of your posts. I am so appreciative of your thoughts and suggestions. It has helped me to understand. I am going thru the whole doctor/allergist routine even tho its wasted money and energy so that this CIU will be in my medical history. So far I know this is not thyroid, allergy or autoimmune related. I am very low on vitamin D. Is that the cause? Unsure. Some mornings are more hivey than others. I lay in bed scratching and thinking “what did I eat”? Noooo… was it the guacamole? Damn. I love avocados. Won’t be eating that again anytime soon.
Anyways.. glad to share with you. My co workers are sick of seeing my hives and my hive pictures. Lol.


Jan Maher
If you are low on Vitamin D there should be no harm in taking it. There’s research supporting its helpfulness in some percentage of cases.

Lisa Diffenbaugh
I had hives last winter and spring. None over the summer when I am in the sun a lot! They came back a million times worse late fall and winter. My doctor did bloodwork and my vitamin D was extremely low! I have been on Vitamin D therapy for 4 weeks now. My last severe breakout was 1/30. I have had many hive free days since (flare up now due to stomach virus).

Diane Putis Heiland
Yes, absolutely on Vitamin D now. Had been taking tumeric for inflammation and now added black seed oil. The burcitus in my hip feels way better.
I have been gf & df for years so didn’t have to adjust eating habits too much. Think the HH foods may trigger.
Again, its thru these posts that I’ve learned so much.

Krista Morgan
Diane Putis Heiland where do you get black seed oil? What are the benefits? I want to stay in remission 😄

Roshan Bhakta
Mine started on thanksgiving also 2017. Been itchy every day since

Jennifer Kovachik
Is it important for the CUI to be listed in medical history?

Jan Maher
In retrospect, I would say yes. It was not in my medical history when my new doctor in a new town recommended vaccinations, two of which seemed to set off my current bout. Now that it is in my medical records, every case of a recommended vaccine will be looked at individually in terms of whether it is worth the risk.

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