I am wondering how my severity stacks up with others in hives.

I wondered if people would mind posting a photo in here as I’d be keen to compare, just out of curiosity. This is from this morning, baths help calm me down so I have a lot of them! I’m lucky they don’t make it worse, I know a lot of people in here can’t have them.


Avshalomov Debbie Oh god. It looks nasty i am so sorry for you.
Compare to your rush mine is nothing. Sorry dear i hope it will clear up soon , I hate this disease . Your sitation now is very familiar and i used cold bath to calm my skin down

Julia Fontera Oh dear that is what i looked like for months hang in their

Laura McAnulty Gamache Yes I look very similar. Looks like my leg 🙁 same shape irregular. Other times they are smaller and seperate. Depends on day.

Rachel Martin I find it depends on what part of my body Laura, weirdly this was the back of my legs last night. Smaller and more raised.

Sharon Vollrath I’ve had flares like this that have lasted for months. Only prednisone calmed them down. I’m so sorry. I hope this ends for you soon. I remember how indescribably miserable that is. Wishing you wellness!

Valerie Norwood Ugh..so sry thats exactly how mine looked today 🙁

Amy Ulrickson Law That looks pretty dang bad. My back is like that lately.

Zoe Briggs Mine look like that too, can be anywhere on my body including my face

Viola Van Der Westhuizen Looks like a mirror imga eof what I look like! Know the feeling and the unease good luck! I also enjoy a bath, although the dermatologists do not suggest a warm one, as the mast cells seems to love heat and go crazy!!!! I apply aloe gel , mixed with lavender oil and a bit of calamine on severe itchy buggers!!! Good luck again!

Mary Ellen Hughes What helped me some in the tub is corn starch, use luke warm water , stay in till the water is cool.

Denise Hetherington Do you use Pine Tarsol in your bath its an old school treatment you can buy any chemist.. the smell we have come to love cos it does the business (Y).. 100% recommend

Sue Boland That looks like me. If it’s in the night it’s cold face cloths! Hang in there.

Jayne Kelly I did a leg shot too, as you can see mine aren’t as bad as yours, they look more flat too, this is what mine are usually like from scalp and face down to my toes, no part of me is spared! I sometimes get raised ones like yours from wearing tight clothing, like around my waistband or bra x

Rachel Martin Thanks Jayne 🙂 Has it always been all over your body? I started with say arms and back for a few days, then that would clear up then legs and tummy. Etc etc. nowadays I get the all over treatment every day too.

Jayne Kelly yes mine was here and there to start with too and then just everywhere

Joanne Penfold I have hives in all different sizes and mine seem to fade in the middle, leaving a ring like appearance, as they are going. I take Telfast 180mg 3 x a day and it does help control them at least 75% most of the time I would say. I tried the non generic version (fexofenadine) first and didn’t work at all! Absolutely no idea why but I’m sticking with Telfast for now.

C C Cox Shelp Ugh!! So so sorry. Heres the wierd thing for me I soak in Epson salts warm bath. Take a double of meds then go to bed. It gives relief and I’m typically less hive-ish

Diane Robinson I feel very sorry for you one thing my doctor said its not to get a bath

Carol Byrd I’m so sorry. No baths for me when I get like this. Always makes them redder and burn.

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