I aren’t itchy because of the antihistamine.

Took a Levocetirizine (antihistamine) last night just for the heck of it because I’ve hadn’t had a serious outbreak in days and I wanted my Saturday without one too and bam this happened this morning. They aren’t itchy, thank God. I just tossed the bottle.


LISA BENARD CHRISTENSEN The only antihistamine that worked at all for me was benedryl until I started taking vit d, selenium, and digestive enzymes.. now reactin works thank goodness because having to take benedryl every 5 hrs and having it be effective only for 2 of those hours was really crappy

KATHRYN SHIPONE I’m taking vitamin D and Probiotics along with a low histamine diet. I will pop a Zyrtec when I feel an attack coming on. No more prescription antihistamine. I like Zyrtec

THERESA KRAMER GABICA I take levocetirizine twice a day with Zyrtec and Benadryl in between. Something every 4 hours. I wake up with a new batch every morning.

ALEJANDRA CAROLINA I actually had an allergic reaction to Levocetirizine. I’m also allergic to Benadryl. Zyrtec and Allegra don’t do anything for me. The only prescription med that has worked is Hydroxyzine but I take it as needed.
I now take vitamin D and probiotics, and I am on a low histamine diet (just like Kathryn Shipone commented above). I just started it but haven’t had hives since Tuesday!!!

ALEJANDRA CAROLINA I also feel better and have lost 3 lbs since then! My nutritionist and I went through my food journal and saw that I was eating high histamine foods every day (e.g. Spinach, strawberries) so maybe I am losing weight now because I am not eating foods that make me swell up. My stomach no longer feels bloated after eating. I would recommend this diet to anyone in this group. It’s so worth trying!

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