I break down and cry because I’m so uncomfortable in my own skin literally.

I was doing really good till today. Monday’s suck because well, it’s no longer the weekend .so of course I had to work yesterday, then off today for the holiday. And it comes back pissed .I was prescribed these medications to help. The only thing it helped with was my face wouldn’t swell. Otherwise they were pretty active I didn’t take any Friday, then Saturday I had a pretty painful headache but I wasn’t caving in. My skin finally felt calm I was comfortable minus my head so I didn’t take them again..Sunday was probably the best day out of them all. I had less hives on my entire body than I have seen in over five months of no medications. I’ve had mine since Christmas of 2016..I try to remember how it used to look when I couldn’t see out of one eye, my lip was swollen, and my throat was closing..or the day I couldn’t even stand because my legs had giant patches welts or when I couldn’t even hold a tape gun in my hand because my hands hurt so bad I feel like no one should touch me I break down and cry because I’m so uncomfortable in my own skin literally. Some people don’t like how they look in the mirror sometimes I wish they could put our shoes on and literally feel their skin


SAMANTHA SHANAHAN What medications are you on ?? I’ve been there I was there for 8 months I can relate to exactly how you feel … have you tried bentonite clay?

LYNN LUCAS GOULD I know what you mean. It’s a horrid condition. I can actually feel the hives wanting to erupt from under my skin. A very creepy crawly feeling.

ALANA REIHL Yes!! This exactly!! I can’t stand it

ALANA REIHL No I actually haven’t! What is that?? I take 20mg of doxepin Zantac, montelukast10mg, 2 Zyrtec.
Doxepin, montelukast I take at night, but I take 2 Zyrtec and one Zantac at night. Benadryl doesn’t work anymore. But still
Puts me to sleep so I don’t scratch

MAUREEN DAVIDSON I really feel for you hope they soon settle down xx

ALANA REIHL I hope everyone here can find some relief
Like it’s not too bad anywhere else…but my armpits…

LEANN GARTH Depending on the meds your taking going on and off them might be part of your problem. Follow directions carefully.

ALANA REIHL This has been the first time deciding I couldn’t do it.

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