I can feel it really tender directly behind my 2 front teeth

Does anyone taking immunosuppressants get bleeding/swollen gums, or gum overgrowth (I can feel it really tender directly behind my 2 front teeth)? Especially those on Tacrolimus.That was the one side effect that got me on Cyclosporine, even causing my front teeth to start separating, cause of the gum tissue.. it went back to normal after we cut the dosage down.
Now I’ve been on Tacrolimus for 10 days, and as of a couple days ago the gum started bothering me again and since last night my actual face hurts, like cheekbones and stuff.Just wondering if other people dealt with this..


Maggie Maye I think your the only person besides myself, that has gone through this I had where my gums swelled so bad it moved my teeth, also for me, once we started Xolair with the Tac, I didn’t have anymore swelling and I was able to slowly come off the Tac, and xolair is working on it’s own now I hope you find something that works, for you quickly.

Melissa Monteiro I’m sorry cause I know how much it sucks. I was actually on Xolair for 6 months before starting on cyclo but it just wasn’t doing the job. Then I did cyclo and didn’t realize that’s what was causing the gun issue until almost 2 months in, we lowered the dosage and tatted on cellcept but that didn’t work, but the lower cyclo got rid of the side effects. My Dr just didn’t want me on cyclo for more than 4 months, so now we are trying that and gun issue is back.
He also scored 3 months of “samples” of Xolair from his drug rep for me, so I can take it every 2 week (1xtime from my insurance, then 1 time from sample) and see if it makes a difference.
I’m just so frustrated cause immunosuppressants are the only thing that has given me real relief in this past year.

Suze Teska What dosage of Tacrolimus are you on? I’m on it but have not experienced these symptoms other than occasionally my gums will swell a little.

Melissa Monteiro 1mg twice a day. For the past 2 days I just took 1mg in am, but starting to get a few itchy spots now on my ribcage

Suze Teska ☹️ Ugh! I take 5mg once a day. I wonder why I take a higher dose once a day rather than two smaller doses.

Melissa Monteiro Susan Holly Teska I’m the first person my Dr. Is using Tacrolimus on, so he’s starting at a conservative dose to see how I react.

Suze Teska Oh that makes sense! Its been a miracle for me! Hopefully it works and the gum swelling stops.

Melissa Monteiro Fingers crossed! Or maybe the extra Xolair shot works and I can get off of everything else

Suze Teska Yeah I’m down to 3 only meds from 20

Melissa Monteiro I feel you. I feel like a new human now that I stopped all the antihistamines and prednisone. And I lost 15lbs in the last 3 months. from the 40 I gained with no diet or exercise but just stopping all of those!

Suze Teska That’s awesome! I gained so, so much on pred and the antihistamines. As long as I’m hive free, I’ll deal

Melissa Monteiro Getting my face to look like my old face again, instead of the moonface and with no hives that was my buy into mmunosuppressants! Lol

Nadia Brewer It happened to me on cyclosporine – dentist said that hyperplasia of gums is common on cyclosporine!!! Soon after I had to come of them due to other side effects & guns returned to normal.

Melissa Monteiro Yeah I found out real fast for cyclo, but haven’t read it as a side effect for Tacrolimus. I can def feel it though and mine went back to normal within a couple weeks of lowering the cyclo dosage But now all it took was 10 days on Tac and I can feel it bothering me so much already

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