I can literally have my husband itch my back until it bleeds

So I had a beer last night and I think this is what it gets me. I didn’t even drink the whole thing (angry orchards) I was celebrating because I got offered my first full time job post graduation.. I can literally have my husband itch my back until it bleeds. I had such a good day yesterday. I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight.. I really hate this. I’m so tired of it!


Jenilee Roman Alcohol makes mine really bad too I just straight up stopped drinking at all =/ which stinks.

Courtney Ann I had Apothic White wine the other day and it actually didn’t make me worse. So I was going to wait until I get really good and try a different white wine with sulfites in it(the bottle didn’t say it contained sulfites). To maybe see if that way why I didn’t react to it..

Jenilee Roman Weird! I dont get specific outbreaks when I drink, I just feel way itchier and they seem redder.

Courtney Ann Yesterday I said how my hives are going down in number. Then last night I woke up itching and have em all day.  I want to put it on the alcohol but who really knows!! My body sure dont

Christina Marie HUGS I feel your itchiness

Courtney Ann I put some coconut oil on my arms to see maybe that will help draw the heat out but prably not..

Mary Catherine Cash I’m so sorry

Ellen Carroll Courtney, do you get any relief from ice packs or baths?

Courtney Ann I’ve never really tried it, I really like hot baths which doesn’t help I know I’ve put cold towels on them when they get really bad tho

Kelsey Krohner My hives flare up when I drink too! I’ve found that lightly massaging areas that are inflamed helps more than itching. Itching just makes it worse for me! I hope you get some relief from the itchiness!

Courtney Ann Thank you! I usually try to rub them so I don’t itch them all the time. It works on my arms, but sometimes it’s too sensitive so when I do it my arms start to tickle haha

Cochinillo Dulce First off, Congratulations!!!
Secondly, sorry for cutting short your celebratory moment. So unfair this/ these condition(s) we have called Hell, er HIVES.

Courtney Ann Thank you! I’m very nervous to start training. I hope this flare up isn’t long. ThT would be a dream come true.

Sue Elshire Hargrave Congrats on the job offer! That’s awesome! I’m sorry the hives came around and rained on your parade. I thoroughly despise my hives. So tired of them.

Courtney Ann Thank you!! I’m kind of scared for when I start thenjob in two weeks. I hope the stress from a new job doesn’t start more hives

Gary Fry Try noxzema cream it works so well my wife uses it. Trust me you itch and hive apply this stuff and it eases it to near nothing. Where alcohol is concerned it may not actually be the alcohol it could be the ingredients within it yeast for beer barley for lager and artifical sweetener and sugar in coke

Evelyn Brethour You may want to check out foods with histamines on Google. When you are highly reactive it may help to ease off high histamines foods for awhile. Once your doctor finds the medication “cocktail” that works for your body, you will probably get to add them back (with joy!). All the best to you.

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