I can not get rid of these sores on my face

I can’t get rid of these sores on my face. They contain clear liquid. Are they hives? I have had them in the same area in previous years when I had to have breathing treatments for asthma. My asthma is under control and I have not had a breathing treatment recent. Nothing helps. They don’t itch or hurt. They are ugly. Any ideas?


Stephanie Lee I have these also! Mine are mostly on my neck. They seem like pimples. But aren’t. I would like to know about them as well! They are sooo annoying.

Karolina Ania Stop eating dairy. It will take 3 month to clear your face.

Barbara Hanna Karolina Ania I eat dairy year round and only get these sores in the summer.

Karolina Ania I would only get sores like this on my face once in a while but I stopped eating dairy and gluten 2 years ago and no more hives or sores on the face.

Rita Valentine I use to get them in summer, however mine use to itch. Siniilar (this was discontinued) cream was prescribed then. I have not had them I years though. I am not sure what skin condition it was, but I think our skin tend to make blisters to protect itself. Try an antihistamine cream and see if it helps for the skin condition.

Barbara Hanna Rita Valentine thanks

Melinda Carter Looks like your body is detoxing.

Gwen True My mom had sores like that and it was atypical rosacea. I’d definitely get it checked out by a dermatologist if you’re able. Best of luck to you 

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