I do not know what to do anymore in hives

The past 5 months i haven’t had a bad break out. But here i am sitting studying an theses show up Both legs. Their back with a vengeance. It’s so painful An sad thing is i have my final exams going on atm No specialist or doctor in my country that knows about this literally none I’m 18 years old and i have no social life at all and I’ve had this for the past year an a half now I’m taking Allegra 180mg and prednisone but they come back worst after the meds start wearing out I dont know what to do anymore. It’s making me depressed


Adrian Lazarus Collins Hang in there, lady. You are not alone.

Kendall Frye Your hives look similar to mine. It’s tough, but (as Ross said) you are not alone. We understand.

Priscilla Rettberg Where do u live that no dr knows what it is?

Kendall Frye I wonder if it was brought on by stress??? Exams can be stressful. Hopefully, the hives will go away again soon.

Gwenda Mae Stress brings them on for me. I meditate which helps a bit.

Janice Allred I stayed on prednisone for months. It was the only way to survive. I waslucky to get xolair and no hives since. I’ve been on xolair for 1!/2 now. Hope you get help soon,

Tammara Jones Purvis You are not alone my 15 year old has missed over a year of school with hers

Ann Morgan sounds strange i know but i spray clothes starch spray on my hives cools them down a reduces the pain and lasts a while i tried it on small area 1st to make sure i didn’t react to it now i sear by it works for me , i get them on my legs there worked out it was heat from laptop brings mine on , good luck with your exams , hope you feel better soon Xx

Aleeya Bisram Sorry i haven’t updated guys. I’ve had to go to the emergency room. It got worst covered my entire legs and broke out on my hands and was painful
got treatment of hydrocortisone and Piriton in very high doses the doctors wont sure what else to give me and was scared try over dose me (they told me goodluck)
yet i still woke up this morning with new hives

Maggie Maye I am so sorry ((hugs))

Mary Ann Altieri Williamson Just came from and one thing was prescription zyrtec.

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