I do not want to be on it for the rest of my life.

I started experiencing itchiness about a year and a half ago. Nothing in my diet or lifestyle had changed. I went to an allergist and he prescribed me hydroxyzine. It helps, but I only take it once or twice a week because it makes me feel so groggy. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? The medicine helps, but I do not want to be on it for the rest of my life.


ANOOB BACKER Dip a towel in cold salted water. Squeeze of the water & wrap the towel it over the infected area. Do this thrice a day if possible. This was suggested by a doc & i find it effective.

YASIN IBRAHIM It is a toxic come out from your body. Something going on wrong inside your body and you need to find it. Probably in your mouth or your body. Find it and you will be cured for ever!

YASIN IBRAHIM It is your body and need to find out by yourself. What have you done to your body in the last ten years. Probably you have silver amalgam filling or crown inside your mouth. You need to check your body if you have broken bone or been replaced by titanium or anything. Check your family history as well because those toxic can be transferred to children. My urticaria started after 6 years of inserting silver amalgam.

SHARI LONG DE WEVER I was put on that and it used to put me asleep. I took two at night. I still had hives. Not going to lie, i went off all allergy meds and started taking a probiotic, vitamin d and multivitamin and watching my gluten intake-I have little to no hives.

JENN MCGRADY I have heard a lot about gluten and how it can effect hives. I may have to try going gluten free.

DINA DENIS MORSE I did that as well as probiotic, vitamin d in addition to magnesium and stinging nettles, and CuraMed and after 3 mos hives started to subside. Been hive free since end of June now. And slowly stopped the supplements and I am fine. Only taking vit D now!

JENN MCGRADY Wow I only take 1 and the effects last a few days. I am looking for alternatives because I don’t want to take it for the rest of my life

MARY DEL PRETE THOMAS I’ve been taking it in lower doses For 17 Yrs….have Had Bouts Of Urticaria For 40 yrs….started Flaring Very Badly In June…been On 200 mg A Day Since….plus Allegra, Singulair , xyzal plus meds for other issues…

JANUARY PAYNE Yes, and I also took hydroxine prescribed by my allergist after experiencing hives every night, as well as an episode of angioedema that sent me to the ER. I’ve been getting Xolair injections since May and no longer get hives and no longer need hydroxine. I have severe environmental allergies (to many things). We couldn’t pinpoint what caused the hives since I’m allergic to so much. Xolair has changed my life.

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