i feel I need to share the whole hives story

So I needed to share this with everyone in hopes that this is really happening and it can help others, but first I feel I need to share the whole story. Sorry in advance for the long read, but hopefully it will be worth it in the end…

I have had Chronic Idiotic Urticaria with angioedema since March 2017. It was constant and uncontrollable for about the first 8 months. It literally was the most torturous experience I have ever had.

After those 8 months it went to were I would have one really bad outbreak a month that would last about two weeks. The other weeks I still always had hives they just were more tolerable.

I seen multiple dermo’s, allergist, and a rheumatologist. I am allergic to NOTHING my allergist tested me for. I did test positive on my ANA, but every test I have had for autoimmune issues came back negative. I have been taking and still take fexofenadine and cetirizine daily. I have tried every topical lotion I could think of and nothing worked.

In March we went to Vegas and went to a dispensary where I bought some CBD lotion. When I got home I kinda forgot I bought it cause it was still in my overnight bag which I always leave packed. In May I found it an started using it here and there. At first it did not really seem to help but for a little relief while I was having an outbreak. I continued to use it occasionally and then in June used it more and more when I ran out of my everyday lotion. I have used it almost everyday since July and……

I am scared to post this out loud because they always seem to know when I am talking about them and then they rear their ugly heads, but if this can help others I am going to chance it. (fingers crossed they can’t read posts 😉 …

I have not had an outbreak since the week of June 9th! I still had some hives in June and a few here and there in July, but all of Aug I have maybe seen just one or two!! I just bought two more bottles of this lotion online and some CBD chapstick that I hope will help keep the angiodema at bay.

In the pix you can see the website on where to buy this lotion. I called the number on their website to see if they had coupon codes and got a great deal by placing my order over the phone, so I would suggest trying to call if you are deal hungry like me.

Like I said it took awhile for this lotion to work but it seems to be doing the trick. The only other thing I have changed is using less hand sanitizer at work, which I don’t think really effected the hives, but a friend pointed it how much I used around the same time I started using the lotion, so I thought I would throw it in there.

If anyone does try to use this lotion and it works for them (which I hope works for EVERYONE) please let me know because I am curious to the fact.

One last side note…Stress makes them worse so I have been working very hard to not fret all the time in my head, which is something I always have done. It is very hard to try to calm myself from deep inside, but I finally started to be able to do it. This helped a lot with the angiodema (if I got mad at work my lips would swell, it was crazy). I still have to practice this because as soon as I start stressing my lips tingle and I can feel hives wanting to form. Though hopefully with this lotion and less fretting, they will NEVER EVER come back!!!


Tracy Lewis Have u looked to see if you’re histamine or salicylate intolerance

Lisa Milner-Bradford Have not been tested but ever since the hives started I am can not take ibuprofen but I can take aspirin. I did an elimination diet and found no trigger foods.

Tracy Lewis I can’t take ibuprofen or aspirin, I would stay clear of aspirin because that might not help the hives. I was told by specialist to stay clear of both

Lisa Milner-Bradford Thanks. I am scared every time I take an aspirin that my lips will swell but Tylenol does not work for me. Lately I just suffer through the headache because I don’t want risk taking something.

Tracy Lewis Why do you take aspirin .  Paracetamol are ok to take, that’s what I take if I get headaches . And if u take ibuprofen or aspirin with antihistamines that will make you swell and have really bad hives the two don’t mix at all. I learnt that. Also if bad head cold flannel on your head is good as well when you take paracetamol .

Lisa Milner-Bradford Tracy Lewis I take aspirin for headaches.

Tracy Lewis I would try paracetamol instead personally

Jodie Curtis I use a Hemp lotion with lots of wonderful essential oils that was designed to help with arthritis. It works on my hives. I have been using it for 3 weeks and LOVE the change. BTW- CBD really helps with stress too, so win, win!

Lisa Milner-Bradford Yes I am so happy I found a CBD product that works! We had a CDB tincture that was for a vape pen and I was even putting that on my hives when they were really bad. It helped only for an hour or so.

Jeannie Brzizinski Bostler Good for you! On a side note, hand sanitizer is terrible. If you get it in your mouth, which is easy to do if you use it then eat something, it messes with your good flora in your gut. I would ask your Doctor for a good probiotic to build the good flora up again. I do think there are many things that cannabis can cure, though.

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