hi I first started reading hives stories them, the stories scared the heck out of me

I first started reading hives stories them, the stories scared the heck out of me

I’m a newbie but an oldbie. This affliction didn’t start until I was almost 69 years old. It all began in early August of 2017. I made a horrible mistake! I had a rash on my back for a few years (not hives). I got the grand idea to have my husband put some anti fungus medicine on my back. The first night he just did a small patch but the next night the whole back. I woke up around 2am with angioedema and hives… I could hardly talk and looked like a monster! Luckily I had Benadryl on hand….long story short, this was the beginning. My doctors don’t think my having put that medicine on my back caused my now chronic hive condition( I’m not so sure).
The hives/edema disappeared for a few weeks after the initial outbreak but returned and have never stopped. I’m on 4 Allegra a day along with Benadryl when needed ( which is everyday). I feel thankful that I’m as old as I am and haven’t suffered all of my life like many of you in this group. I’m not to the point where I need to go on stronger drugs and hope I never will ( crossing my fingers there).
Thank you everyone for posting all these stories/ideas etc., I have to admit when I first started reading them, the stories scared the heck out of me but comforted me at the same time….I’m not alone in this fight!


Susan Belloni Are you hypothyroid, it can be connected and also taking nsaids can cause hives.

Bonnie Faulkner I’ve been tested for my thyroid and it was okay. I don’t take NSAIDs. I do take high blood pressure medicine 😁 but I’ve taken that for quite a few years… I do have seasonal allergies but rarely take meds even for that…. I wonder how many people get Chronic Hives late in life?

Susan Belloni Bonnie Faulkner you can sometimes have low thyroid with borderline Tsh numbers. I got low thyroid at about age 64 and I think it is more common in older women. So frustrating to wonder why they came back??

Bonnie Faulkner I will ask again about that test…thank you!

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