I found high protein foods to trigger my hives & angioedema

Hello all I’ve had hives for 6mth now with little to no relief. I’m on 12-16 meds a day to control my daily brake outs. I’ve gone vegetarian diet, juicing diet, elimination diet and nothing worked. I am now completely vegan as I found high protein foods to trigger my hives& angiodema. However it’s not the cause of my brake outs but it will increase them. I’m wondering what you all do when angiodema hits you a morning before work? Any quick fixes? I’ve missed so many days of work because of this condition I’d hate to do it again.. suggestion??


Andrea Hardy Hanner Ice , benadryl, zyrtec and zantac is what I always did. I have been hive/angio free for 7 months now. Ketogenic diet and a keto supplement is what finally put me in remission. Hoping you find relief soon!

Linda Lee-Willix Are you still taking all your listed medicines with the keto diet? Or did the keto diet solve your hive problems? Thanks. I have been thinking about doing this diet.

Melanie Eastwood What is a keto supplement

Janet Morales I did some googling and like this idea “kato diet& supplements” I like vegan so I’ll have to look a little more into it and see how it will Work someone who’s vegan

Andrea Hardy Hanner I have been able to go off of everything. I take keto//OS. I love it so much that I am also a promoter for it now. If you would like more information let me know. I’m not here to push products, just wanted to share my experience.

Karen Burns No quick fixes. Always found I takes several days to go down. I have not had this happen since I mostly eliminated dairy and gluten and limit soy. I realize that puts you in a tough spot with being vegan. My son had this happen to him last week the day after he ate a big calzone from a local pizza place. He has never had hives or anything else. Pizza has always been a huge trigger for me. Even now that I’m on xolair, pizza can give me a breakout if I go off my diet and indulge in it.

Janet Morales Wish it was as easy as taking these pills and poof away haha. Pizza, there is great vegan pizza to make if you ever crave pizza check Pinterest out for it.

Jude Lemon I can’t believe so little is known! Luckily my daughter only suffers mild swelling on occasion in her wrists & ankles but it’s the virus which triggers hers. I wish I had some answers

Janet Morales Aw, I get that too in my hands and feet. This weekend was my worst joint pain in my feet I could not walk without tears coming out because of the pain. I noticed some people on here get it too it’s like hives on the inside of your skin causing joint pain. I hope for a solution soon.

Ann Matzkanin I have to rely on prednisone, small dose, not a cure and not the best med, but I get through the day.

Janet Morales I hate steroids lol, but I have been on them since my xoliar shoot almost 12 days ago. I really try not take it but I wake up 12ish at night covered in hives and know I have to use those darn steroids besides all other 12medications to prevent this from happening. I did take all my pills and ice my face down 45 min on my drive to work and it calm it down a bit. My gf said it looks like I have lip fillers and boetox

Ann Matzkanin I hate them also, but I don’t have insurance so cannot afford Xolair, so thankful I have the Pred and can get by with a low dose.

Kylie Druett I took a course of steroids for a month, started at 100mg and worked my way down. All the time also taking doxepin

Melanie Eastwood Did this high dose with tapering work? I’ve thought off doing this. Rather than try so many meds.

Janet Morales Really that’s something I’ll have to ask my dr about. The only thing about taking these is joint pain and weakness. I try and workout and it’s so rough on days I take the steroids. And sleepless nights I mean when do we ever sleep normal without itching or hives or swelling. But with steroids I feel as if I’m in and out of sleep all night.

Kylie Druett After two years mine has settled down alot ..not gone but I’m no longer covered every minute of every day and night

Linda Tsirikos That happens to me and I stay home. Then I take prednisone. I know how you feel.. so sorry, no quick fix answers here. Maybe your meds need to be re-evaluated?..

Janet Morales Thanks, staying home is not an option for me at this time. I did get a dr note to Work from home on days like this but my companies in the middle of huge opportunity and me giving them the note I feel will set me back.

Tracey Francis I can’t have many vegetables or fruit as they contain high levels of salicylates which make me react. Food is not the cause for me (autoimmune) but it definitely has a big effect on my symptoms.

Janet Morales Really?! Wow is it more like oranges ? Or any kind? What do you eat if fruits does this? Meat carries so much protein it causes me to have worse reactions.

Tracey Francis I follow a modified fail safe diet, I only eat chicken, rice, rice products, potatoes, milk, peeled pears, eggs occasionally, decaf coffee, lettuce. Tiny amount of cauliflower every know and then. Autoimmunity makes my body react to food chemicals and body is seeing them as a threat. I’m especially reactive to histamines and salicylates and sulphurous foods.

Murray Meetze Me, too on the foods, I do low histamine. I found salicylates don’t bother me but nightshades do.

Melody Matthews My heart goes out to you and anyone else suffering today. Praying for a cure ASAP.

Ethelene Blair 100 mg modified Cyclosporin – (immune suppressant) 3 times a day plus rantidine and benedryl. Mild Xanax for sleep. Takes a little while to start work but after a few months. Hives are totally gone! No meds!

Ethelene Blair Drugs tapered off!

Janet Morales Cyclosporine that’s a new one they wanted me to try I take all the others and more. How does cyclosporine side effects?

Toni Moncrief Senn Cyclosporin has been the miracle drug for me. No hives for 3 mths now. No angioedema

Anna L Eisenhauer I woke up one morning and my upper lip was so swollen it covered my nostrils and I couldn’t breath through my nose. I am retired, so going to work was not an issue, and no way I wasgoing out, too mant questions and weird looks. I looked grotesque!

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