I found protein powder it has changed my body immensely

So after a few years of no hives the damn things are back again. Since mid October I’ve been dealing with them daily. This go round they are more angry and on my face. I’ve been to allergists and they just give you high doses of crap meds that don’t work. Christmas I woke up covered in hives. Head to toe. I decided to do some research and found the autoimmune protocol diet.
Basically more strict version of paleo to calm my body and eliminate any irritant foods. I also found this protein powder in wal mart. And after two days on it you can see it has changed my body immensely. I am eating clean and doing a smoothie with it every morning.(1/2 banana, 1/4 avocado, kale and spinach, coconut milk and this powder). I am no longer on any meds as I think they just irritate me even more. Heal your gut. Do some research. If I can help one person feel better from this stupid sickness I’ve done my part. I am no doctor just a normal person dealing with this. As you all know we have to be our own advocates and find our cure. Best wishes and a happy non itchy healthy new year to you all!!


Emily Linneman Where did you start with the diet? I have looked at so many different sites and I am beyond overwhelmed.

Trish Golden Emily Linneman below is the first link I came across. Great article to explain the diet and how to reintroduce items. I also buy all organic food to lessen the chemicals etc. I have so much energy and my body is really taking to it. Good luck!!

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