I gave her a Zyrtec for hives

This has not happened in awhile. She woke up at 1am itching. So I gave her a Zyrtec (she takes daily to help keep the hives at bay) & rubbed her down with Benadryl itching gel. Then she went to bed.

Usually within an hour they disappear. 😔 at 8am she woke up still itching with Hives. I honestly don’t know how most of you all deal with this daily. It’s an awful feeling to not be able to help your kid feel better.


January Payne Poor baby! Have you tried Benadryl (oral, not the cream) yet? I know it will make her sleepy but it may help the hives lessen or go away. I ended up needing a prescription medicine called hydroxyzine and then started Xolair — but Benadryl gave me a little relief before that.

Tiffany Cochran She’s had hives off/on since age 4. She’s 10 now. Benadryl never helped.

January Payne Tiffany Cochran aww, I’m sorry. That is all I can think of to try that doesn’t require a doctor’s visit. I hope she finds relief soon.

Lynn Lucas Gould I’ve heard good things about Lush’s Dream Cream being helpful with the itch. I think you can get it on Amazon.

Janna Cummins Walden I was sitting in my chair last night and noticing that I had a couple places on my body where my skin was stinging and itching. I had not broken out with hives… At least not yet at that moment. And it just dawned on me how I live with places on my body just stinging and itching all the time! And I just get used to it and deal with it. And then I realized how sad that made me.

Lisa Manary Check with your doctor or pharmacist. My doctor said it was safe for me to cetirizine and benadryl as they worked differently. It may help her but she’d probably be very tired.

Tony Dunford Combo of ranitidine and levoceterizine has been good to me. Lots of people on the site are recommending celery juicing.

Diamond Jaymes For those emergency times when nothing is working chlobetasol propionate 0.05% (steroid cream) topical works miracles for me. Strongest concentration of steroid in a cream. For children they might change %, worth a try.

Anyssa Kim I’m no doctor but that looks like urticarial vasculitis. I think I may have this too, but I had a smaller patch that lasted for days and then bruised. Look up images online and see if it fits, and then send photo to her doctor and see if he/she has some idea.

Tiffany Cochran I’m going to look more into this! Thank you

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