I get my hives whenever my body gets heated.

Hey everyone! It’s been a year now that I’ve been dealing with CIU. Last October I had Botox done for migraines and 3 weeks later I started breaking out in heat induced hives. I get my hives whenever my body gets heated (baths, working out, sun, even getting anxious). The pics below are from a lukewarm bath that I was only in for 5 minutes. It’s getting to the point where they’re getting unbearable and I break out all day. I’m currently only prescribed to take xyzol and zrytex by my immunologist and it’s not helping. Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Kirsty Kirkwood Migraines is a hard enough condition to deal with let alone with urticaria to. Feel your pain

Bill Halkias Try xydroxyzine and doxepin in addition!!

Maggie Goldring OQuinn I’ll suggest it to my doctor, thanks!!

Jada Baxter Plaquenel

Maggie Goldring OQuinn Thank you!!

Evelyn Brethour Do you take photos of every outbreak? It helps to have a photo diary. Do you call your doctor every time you are “beyond” miserable? Most of us suffer in silence. There are a lot of other medications that can be added to your cocktail, but, doctors are very conservative as a group. Ask your doctor what his or her plan is for you. There is good chance your condition can be improved with more medication. All the best to you.

Maggie Goldring OQuinn I do take pictures of every outbreak, which is every day sadly. I haven’t called my doctor in a while but I am about to schedule an appointment to go see her so we can figure out another plan because this isn’t working. Thanks!!

Mary Wharton I found my triggers was codiene and softener for clothes , and shower gels . I use fenofexadine Twice a day and balnium bath oil and I’m free of idiopathic urticuria .

Maggie Goldring OQuinn I’m glad you’re hive free! My triggers are definitely heat, so I’m just going to try and see if I can get on some new meds

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