I had 2 allergists tell me they do not buy into histamine intolerance

I’ve had 2 allergists tell me they don’t buy into histamine intolerance. So I ate high histamine foods yesterday. Today I am COVERED, puffy lips, even painful hives on my face. 😕 I still think I have histamine intolerance. Just started xyzal last night in addition to allegra twice a day.


Laura Rectenwald Bummer! Have you tried adding Quercetin yet? I added 1000 mg daily to your current routine and mine finally got under control for the most part. I hope you find something that works.

Cammie Louise Ah I took a combo this am of quercetin, bromelin and vit c with my allegra

Laura Rectenwald I have found for mine that come on at night, I need to take the meds in evening only. 2 allegra, 1 quercetin. I have autoimmune hives we think.

Cammie Louise Laura Rectenwald mine come on mostly between 7 pm and 7 am, but really can happen whenever

Lynn Lucas Gould High histamine foods/beverages tend to exacerbate hives. You have to do what’s best for yourself, I really don’t think the standard medical community knows enough about this condition to make a fair assessment of it.

Cammie Louise Agreed. I think it is high histamine and maybe sibo.

Gypsy Cyndi Wirtz Have you thought of adding Pepcid or Zantac to your cocktail? They are H2 receptors that work as antihistamines as well…my cocktail is zyrtec pepcid in the morning and zyrtec and pepcid at night with singulair which is a allergy med… and the cocktail twice a day works very well at keeping my hives at Bay and controlling the itch

Cammie Louise I’ve taking Zantac once. He wanted me to start it daily after 1-2 weeks on xyzal. I’m going to add it today i think.

Gypsy Cyndi Wirtz Allegra never helped me.. also get your thyroid checked and check for antibodies… mine isn’t allergic its systemic from high antibodies even though my thyroid function is normal…

Cammie Louise I have graves and hashis and my antibodies are always high but they’ve never caused me hives 😕

Gypsy Cyndi Wirtz Yeah I just got diagnosed with Hashimoto’s I thought that was the answer the doctor said not necessarily very frustrating cuz I’ve been looking for the answer

Cammie Louise Cyn Shea Wirtz I seriously think mine is histamine intolerance. I take naturethroid and cytomel and low dose naltrexone for my thyroid.

Diamond Jaymes Cammie Louise go to an allergist/immunologist, if you have not already done so. Immunologists go deeper on the science and cellular level, I take xyzal and benadryl as needed and use clobetasol propionate 0.05% cream for the urticaria. There is no cookie cutter with this as we all know but there are commonalities amongst us. I hope you get the answers you need albeit a big part is us doing detailed process of elimination (food, meds, allergens etc). :/ vitamins, probiotics, supplements etc all have to be used with caution as well, albeit we all react differently, always consult your doctor/specialist, even if said supplement is not a “common” histamine producer, never know, been there.

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