I had almost 2 full glorious hive free days

I had almost 2 full glorious hive free days. I did so much I’m really paying the price. My feet are so swollen my shoes rubbed huge bumps where the tongue sits.. my hands have large bumps at the wrists as well..And now I’m ‘m breaking out in hives. I’m so greatful for everything I accomplished in the last 2 days. Cleaned my tail off and refinished 3 pieces of furniture.(sanded and re painted) but now itchy burning crap. Ugh. I was starting to hope they would go for good. I can’t believe how much life they suck out of me. I haven’t had as much energy as I had yesterday and today in ages..nor this much pain either! ( but my furniture looks great. I’ll post a picture.. lol)


Karina Melendez Wow! That furniture looks amazing! I love the color, haven’t seen it before. So sorry your hives are back 😔 I wish that you will find relief soon.

Shannon Moya It’s just grey with some black streaks. Lol! I was gonna do black . but once I put the grey on I was like nope!

Karina Melendez It looks like a pretty cool shade of blue to me lol. Well, either way looks great! Good decision!

Shannon Moya It’s definitely one. The blue side.

Tammy McCullum Love that dresser! Hope u get back some hive free days!

Christina Battle But the furniture looks fantastic!

Denise Bukantis So sorry your hives are back, but hope you find some relief soon.. Dresser looks amazing.

Amanda Rollins So sorry. Love your dresser.

Maureen Scott So beautiful!! You did a wonderful job.

Shannon Moya ThankS guys. I should of done a before. I didnt. It was a blonde wood. Yuck (for my home) I’m cheap and would rather change up furniture myself. Lol.

Tess Mckinney Aren’t those hive free days glorious, love your work, dresser looks fantastic!

Shannon Moya They are! So few and far between but it’s easy to get back into the real swing of life and forget those pesky bastards!

Sandy Wade It looks really nice, so sorry you have to suffer

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