I hate hand hives

Oh my poor hand ✋


TARA GORDON My hands flare up more than anywhere else. Its between the fingers and on the knuckles that really hurts. It’s a pain and burning itch thar I struggle to describe

MOON DE HEER With those kind of hands i still bake cook paint my nails and work , i let nothing stand in my way and do the things i want to do

NANCY HALL O I hate that … itches and then extreme pain sets in…like your hands are on fire  hope it subsided quickly

HANNAH CHEESEWORTH Oh you poor thing!!
I hate flare ups on the hands, and on the soles of the feet!!
I’ve got a flare up today on my top lip, tummy and legs!!
There with you!

JEVIAS CHIMANA Oh my God! I feel for you, I used to get that swelling concurrently with feet swelling…no words can explain the pain. I got quite a long story on my hives struggle. Wishing you a speedy recovery!


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