I hate so much this hives

I thought doing the Whole 30 would clear up my hives. I tried to work out and this is what happens. I HATE THIS SO MUCH. I just want to be able to run again, or even do the elliptical or walk. Anything to get my heart rate up. Nope. I’m cursed forever.


Shaina Monks-Deem You look exactly like me! I feel for you

Nik Marie It only gets like this when I work out

Shaina Monks-Deem Yup, me too. I painted a room yesterday and broke out. It’s just lovely.

Nik Marie It’s super sexy too. My husband sees them and is like babe you’re so hot right now!

Shaina Monks-Deem Mine always says your Braille is showing..gotta love men

Alexandria Toler Tanuis No not for ever I was just like you but I brake out with cold heat or if my emotions start going crazy. I loved soccer and I missed playing it so much in high school I just gave up and i didn’t care what I looked like play. How I had to start so I didn’t brake out so fast was start out slow and and then work your self up. See if that helps it helped me. Don’t get me wrong I still broke out just not as bad.

Luis Lopez After you worked your way up. Where you able to work out without irritation?

Alexandria Toler Tanuis Luis Lopez not 100% but about 75% I will still have irritation just not as bad

Marie-Josee Lambert Same reaction, started about 5 years ago. Thanks for doing the whole 30 and reporting back. Wish it had worked for you so I could try it too. This way saves me the trouble. Lol.

Steph Baleta I’m doing the whole30 and it’s working for me. Everyone is different

Aimee Vranken Mann Hang in there, 30 days really isn’t long enough to see overwhelming changes unless you have food allergies. Eating food like products are overtaxing our bodies, bodies that are already struggling with chronic disease. Nourishing ourselves with whole foods and cleaning up our toxic load allows our systems to work properly instead of just constantly filtering out the crap we put in and on our bodies. Food is medicine, so please don’t give up. I know it is tough when it doesn’t seem like it’s helping your hives, but you are doing good things long term. I am sorry you are struggling though, I know the struggle well.

Marie-Josee Lambert I really miss running too

Amitesh N Sheekha Jit I been breaking out in hives over 10 yrs finally got relief with Xolair..it’s been a life saver for me I’m on my fourth shot and I have been clear since then!

Nik Marie Really? You can exercise with no issues?

Amitesh N Sheekha Jit Nik Marie no issues after exercise or anything I do back to my normal self 100%..I suggest anyone suffering from hives give this a Shot!!! It’s totally worth it in my opinion

Brigitte Metzger Harding I tried whole 30, then vegan, gluten free for 4 yrs. The only thing that helped was a ketogenic diet. Not a cure but gotten off almost all meds since starting. Feel free to pm me if you want more info

Nik Marie Pam sent!

Danielle Rae My emotions trigger like this. Working out is the circular ones. Meds are pinpricks. Uuggh. 17 years like this. Found my own cures antihistimine and cannabis oils. Cbd oil topically really helps and I also did ketogenic diets and juicing. I am six mos hive free. It used to be every day.

Ana Garcia But how long do they last?

Nik Marie A few hours

Anne Camille Jongleux So sorry! I get this when running and a couple times after swimming (I’m just learning to swim so not much experience w pools & hives). Since the weather has been cooler recently, it hasn’t been as bad. My doc suggested throwing water on my arms/legs when running distances to keep me cool. Helps but doesn’t eliminate. I doubled my dose of antihistamine in early Sept so maybe that had been the real solution

Kelly Yates Kenyon Yeh. I hear ya. I could cry thinking about all I’ve lost. Style alone. Can’t wear anything but tennis shoes with memory foam.

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