I have also been dealing with chronic hives and angioedema off-and-on for the last 15 years or so.

I came across a chronic hives forum and read through all the posts and came across this post that I found unique and interesting and I’m gonna try it. I’d love feedback and to see if high doses of B-12 helped anyone?
New poster but long-time lurker. Unfortunately I’ve also been dealing with chronic hives and angioedema off-and-on for the last 15 years or so. My most recent bout has lasted the past 4 months and I’ve been in agony. Ran the gamut with the docs (again) with no new results. This time I had break-through hives even while on prednisone, which has never happened to me before, and hives came back with a vengeance after tapering off. I’ve taken nearly all the anti-histamine combinations, prescription and OTC, and nothing has helped. Tested negative for H. Pylori and did an herbal parasite cleanse anyway, no luck. I’ve even gone vegan and gluten free for the past month with no improvement. Last week I had an outbreak so severe my entire face was swollen and I was covered in hives head to toe.

BUT this week I think (hope.. pray) that I might have finally found something that is working:

I’d already been taking B-12 (Methyl) in what I thought was already high doses (two 5000mcg quick-dissolve tabs a day). For kicks, I decided to double my dosage– and surprisingly the next 24hrs was a “good day”. So I decided to take it to the next level For the last three days I’ve been taking 30,000mcg (two 5000mcg quick-dissolve tabs 3 times a day) and right now as I type I have zero hives. I know its only been three days, so I’m trying not to get too excited, but even when I was on prednisone this last time I didn’t have ZERO hives.

Now, of course I’m not a doctor yadda yadda, so don’t take my word for it, but I read that since B-12 is water soluble that means you can’t overdose on it and anything the body doesn’t absorb gets flushed out in your urine. I have read on another forum a girl who also had luck with high B-12 doses. She said that the B-12 had to specifically be the methylcobalamin kind (it should say on the ingredients label). Turns out the B-12 I had was the methyl kind, so I’m sticking with that.

I feel all of your pain and know first-hand how maddening it is. I can only hope this might be of some help to someone. I’ll post an update in a week or so. Fingers crossed, and much luck to all of you.

So far so good with taking the B-12. On two separate occasions I’ve seen a single hive appear in the same spot on my hand but it disappeared within a few hours after taking my next dose of B-12. I will say that I think I can feel that my body still “wants” to hive out (that sounds weird but I think most chronic hive sufferers know the feeling) but so far the B-12 keeps the hives at bay. Some days it feels like the B-12 is just barely keeping me from breaking out, but of course the relief is still welcome. I am super thankful that the B-12 is helping me, but it seems like I’m not totally correcting the underlying problem. I’m going to wait another couple of weeks to see if anything changes, but I think it would be smart for me to work with my doctor to investigate further about what might be an underlying cause for a B-12 deficiency and/or why the B-12 would be helping.

If anyone else decides to try the B-12, I’d definitely be interested in how it works for you. I know when my hives are crazy bad I am desperate for any kind of relief, so I hope this might help someone.


Julia Saladino Yes! I am working with a function medicine doc, and she has me on a few supplements, including B-12, and my hives have been in remission ever since. Good luck!

Nancy AnnAuthor Julia Saladino how high of b12? This person is on a massive amount

Julia Saladino Nancy Ann I’m not totally sure. I have just been taking the doses prescribed by my doc. I’ll check the bottle when I get home and respond!

Nancy AnnAuthor Julia Saladino that would be awesome

Julia Saladino Nancy Ann Tammy Thomas Suire – looked up the prescription. I am taking B Supreme, so it is not just B12. The amount of B12 is 250 mcg per capsule, so I am taking 500 mcg daily. Not anywhere near the amount of the person you posted about. I’m also taking a few other things so not sure exactly what is keeping my hives under control.

Tammy Thomas Suire Julia Saladino that’s one of my issues too when we take multiple supplements and or meds, etc we have no idea what is helping

Julia Saladino Tammy Thomas Suire definitely. I am just sticking with this exact cocktail of what I am taking since it has been working!

Glenn Stewart Also Vitamin d works for me. I already take high amounts of d3and a b complex supplement

Nancy AnnAuthor Glenn Stewart I also take high D3

Vivienne Sinclair-Phillips It was a B12 supplement that started my hives, the cobalt in it the Dr believes. Scared to take the stuff ever again.

Anmaria Djong It’s methyl B12 as methyl cobalamin. Don’t take any other B12. If you have MTHFR genetic mutation then this would help. I have given this to my 9 years old girl. Her hive has been on remission and will only get trigger if she goes to swim.

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