I have been battling hives and anaphylaxis for almost 5+ years.

I’ve been battling hives and anaphylaxis for almost 5+ years. It started with hives during the night, is wake up at 2am scratching and it would only be on my legs. A few weeks past with this and one day it started to spread to my abdomen, arms, neck and face. Then started the anaphylaxis, I’d wake up covered, head to toe in hives and a swollen lips, tongue and tight throat. I’ve had a food allergy test done showing I had an intolerance to wheat, beef, pork and oats but I stopped eating those things and still had the hives and anaphylaxis.

I was visiting the Er two to three times a month for the anaphylaxis, the allergy doctor i was seeing finally put me on Zolair. Within two months it all stopped and I was on it for a year, until one day I went in for my shot appointment and she had packed up her office and left. I went to a new allergist and he said I had been on it long enough and I could stop.

It’s been two years since that day and two week ago I woke up to hives again, and just last week I went into anaphylaxis again. My general practice doctor is going to put me back on Zolair but I want answers as to what’s happening with me. I use hypoallergenic shampoos, soaps, laundry soup. I have a cat and dog that I’ve had for years before this started. I haven’t moved anywhere new, eaten anything new, been anywhere new. My theory is maybe an autoimmune disease or condition?

I was sent to a cancer center to be tested for leukemia, I’ve had so many blood tests, as much as they could do in between the prednisone and before the Zolair. So far no doctor can figure this out 🙁 anybody out there who has maybe?


Sim Urivetzky I don’t mean to discourage you but nobody has really figured out the cause. All they can say is your body can’t block all the histamines it produces. I was on xolair for 11 rounds & had to stop when my insurance changed. I was ok for a short time, & was really excited not to jave any hives this past weekend. Back to work today & sure as heck. I have hives around my eyes & on my hands & scalp. Not sure what’s next but unbeknown to me, there are thousands all over the world who suffer from this. There must be a common thread!! Hope you get some relief.

Becca Nash Thank you, I’m sorry it came back for you too. 🙁 it’s a really scary thing to be in this and not sure what’s going on with your body. I hope we all eventually get to the end of this and find the answers!

Linda Frigo McDaris No one has ever figured out what causes my hives.

Paula Rigley Celery juice will help.

Tony Dunford Celery juice! Lots of it! 1-2 glasses a day esp in the am before breakfast. Mix with apple or strawberries for taste. Til they go away try ranitidine and xyzal together once a day – both are OTC

Tammy Thomas Suire 30 yrs. no answers

Jennifer Mignanelli Halahurich Look into angioedema. That what I have. I get hives and facial swelling. Tried all kinds of antihistamines and steroids. Been on xolair for 15 months no hives or swelling. Angioedema can be idiopathic or hereditary but they aren’t sure of the cause and no cure.

Becca Nash Thank you everyone, this is all super helpful

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