I have been dealing with a few hives symptoms , I stopped breastfeeding

I have been dealing with a few symptoms – including hives – for the last 6 months (approximately when I stopped breastfeeding). I’ve been able to narrow down my hives trigger – they seem triggered by any acidic foods (citrus, vinegar, other acidic foods like berries).
They happen pretty much immediately after I eat something like that. I’ve also had some hair loss and brain fog and fatigue. Does this sound at all familiar to anyone? (I’ve thought Hashimoto’s but my Primary care physician tested me for thyroid issues and said the tests didn’t show anything. I do have another autoimmune disease so Hashi’s seems like a possibility.) I usually take am Allegra if the itching is very bad but I worry about the inflammation in my body that is causing the hives.
Would love to figure out a way to keep it from happening. Recently cutting out gluten has helped with the brain fog a bit.


Nicole Stromath Those foods tend to be higher in histamines, so they can trigger people.

Elissa Leibowitz Poma I’m glad you joined the group and hope it helps you find an answer. I am testing out whether I have a yeast/mold allergy — all indications are that the answer is yes. You mentioning acidic and vinegar foods as triggers make me wonder the same for you. Do you also get triggered by baked goods, cheese, yogurt, wine/beer?

Maria Fyodorova To clarify: not triggered by anything dairy, or bread (though cutting out gluten has helped with brain fog). Wine with sulfites gives me hives, but beer is fine and non sulfite wine.

Elissa Leibowitz Poma Maria I’ll do some research for you.

Elissa Leibowitz Poma I’m also following a histamine-free diet and blood type diet, and eliminating these foods has lessened symptoms. Of course, I’m left with, like, 10-12 foods To eat, which sucks. But the silver lining is I’ve been dropping 5-7 pounds a week and my blood pressure is on point.

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