I have been dealing with chronic hives everyday since February

The last few days have been so good, it’s the first day in a long time that I have felt like myself. I’m SO thankful I found this group. I have been dealing with chronic hives everyday since February. This all started while I was still breastfeeding so the doctor basically told me to kick rocks and come back when I stopped BF. I weaned my daughter in March and I have been trying to control my hives with Zyrtec and Benadryl.

A few weeks ago it it got to the point that my eyes, lips and tongue swelled so I went to the urgent care. I had a kenalog shot and started a medrol dose pack. I ended up taking 2 medrol dose packs but so far I’m on day 2 of being done with the steroids and I don’t have any hives. I do not want to have to resort to steroids forever so during this time I have also changed my diet and started Plexus and I feel like it is absolutely making a difference. (Gut health is a thing!) I don’t know what I would do without the advice & encouragement I’ve gathered from this group.

I’ve never in my life dealt with something like this and it has completely taken a toll on me physically, mentally and emotionally. I’ve never felt so alone and broken until I joined this group. I just wanted to reach out and say thank you to those that have shared their life and that I’m here for anyone that needs support


Lynn Lucas Gould I use their products too. Biocleanse, and ProBio5. Can I ask what you use?

Bailey Miller Lynn Lucas Gould the triplex 😊 ProBio5, biocleanse and the slim.

Lynn Lucas Gould Bailey Miller, I’ve been taking them for about 2 years now, I’m definitely very happy with my results. I’m glad they’re working for you 😊

Bailey Miller Lynn Lucas Gould I really love their products! I did Plexus before my second daughter but with my pregnancy and breastfeeding her I just couldn’t do it. But I absolutely see the benefits now. Glad they work for you as well!

Amena Fayad Bailey Miller is this something from the dr.? What exactly is plexus? Thx so much ❤️ so happy ur cleared btw!!

Heidi Teague Glad you are getting relief and I’m sorry you had to stop breastfeeding! Is the Kenalog shot the 3 month steroid shot?

Bailey Miller Heidi Teague thank you! I made it to my goal of one year with her even with all of this so I am thankful for that. I’m not entirely sure about the Kenalog, I’ve never had one before but I do know she told me I couldn’t have any type of bloodwork or testing done for a month from the injection.

Linda Malley This group is definitely a godsend. Helped me hold on to my sanity.

Marlee Galloway I to started getting hives when my baby was 6 weeks old! He’s now 11 weeks old and I stopped breastfeeding bc they think it’s hormonal. Now if I could just dry up lol

Jessica Tietjen Marlee Galloway see my post above. Look into retained placenta – it was what made me miserable

Bailey Miller Marlee Galloway I stopped and dried up and still had them☹️ I still feel like it’s hormonal as well though. I finally have them under control so now I can try and get down to the source! Which may never happen but I’m going to try at least.

Marlee Galloway Jessica Tietjen I did, we talked the other day. I went today to my obgyn and got an ultrasound and my uterus looked good and there was no retained placenta

Marlee Galloway Bailey Miller it’s the strangest thing!!! I’m like did the epidural do this or what!

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