I have been dealing with hives almost daily since 2000.

Vanessa Davis Kingrey Try Xyzal (it’s over the counter) if benadryl is not working for you. There are also many antihistamine combos that may work for you. I’ve been dealing with hives almost daily since 2000.



Jamie Elliott Baker They are awful on the feet!

Heather Bojangles-Rae Jamie Elliott Baker I agree! My boyfriend is like “why don’t you wanna go out tonight” I’m like “literally cannot put on shoes or stand.”

Jamie Elliott Baker Heather Bojangles-Rae I get pressure hives…my husband swears he cant touch me anymore..lol yep you sure cant! Stay out of my bubble! We went to New York, did an ton of walking.. I couldn’t even stand for the next 3 days, it was like walking on rocks! He literally had to help me to the bathroom. This crap sucks

Heather Bojangles-Rae Jamie Elliott Baker I totally get it. For some reason the pressure hives come and go, I’ll have weeks of walking around just fine and then all of a sudden anything that touches me gives me hives! I go between feeling helpless to channeling my rebellious spirit and telling the hives to go to hell bc I am going to walk.

Jenny Walker Sannes I’m sorry. The feet welts are the worst. So painful.

Heather Bojangles-Rae Jenny Walker Sannes they look bad but people don’t understand how painful they are! They’re the worst ones for me. With enough Zyrtec the itch doesn’t drive me too crazy but the swelling feels so bad!

Carrie Weinert my feet get so bad i have different size shoes

Heather Bojangles-Rae Carrie Weinert OMG that is awful but also good idea I’m thinking I should get at least one pair like a size up for days when I can’t wear others

Carrie Weinert i have a problem with my ankles and the dr wants to fuse them – i have been in an aircast boot since may and when i tried wearing my custom ankle brace last week it didnt turn out so well. my foot was soooo swollen i couldnt put weight on it for 2 days – i had to drag out the crutches

Donna Daley the feet are TORTURE! I can’t wear socks anymore

Summer Dawson I can’t play Xbox or paint or tweeze my face or anything that even remotely uses my fingers… I totally understand 😩

David Caldwell I am not a doc lol but started intermittent fasting 16 8 and mine are gone. Not saying it will work for you but it sure helped me. Hope it gets tolerable.

Jennifer Serrano Lyle Feet are the worst! I don’t ever wear socks and stick to about 3 pairs of flip flops that don’t cause a reaction. So sorry!!

Kota Street Yeah, I’ve been wanting to get back to losing weight and starting to workout HARD but I’m so afraid for the swelling! My swelling gets BAD! To the point where it hurts so bad in my knees that I can barely get up!

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