hi I have been dealing with hives for 7 month now

I have been dealing with hives for 7 month now

Hi everyone! , I’ve been dealing with hives for 7mo now! I’ve tried Allerga up to 5 a day, Zyrtec, Zantac, Hydroxyzine, prednisone for flare ups (in one now) Benadryl, singular, Claritin and I had my first xolair injection x2wks ago. Also on 25mg doxepin every night. I’ve been to different family med docs, allergist and dermatologist. Seeing a new derm tomorrow. I’m starting to have issues with taking so much allerga a day with my bladder.
So my doc said only 2 antihistamines a day. I’m a mom of 2 littles, wife and full time job! I’m miserable! Any input would be great! I feel like I’ve tried everything. Also tried different meds together. I also seem to break out more during a cycle but this isn’t the case this round. I seem to break out more in the mornings pretty bad. Covers head to toe with some angioedema to my lips. I either itch really bad or it’s burning my skin something terrible! ive also had 2 ANA positive tests come back now not to a specific autoimmune disorder though. Also had all allergy panels done and came back negative. Everyone is stumped!
Thank you


Kimberley Ann All my meds I take in the morning. Whenever I split them up to night and day I break out or they can’t be controlled. Not sure if this is the right or a good thing to do. But it’s the only thing to control them or keep them minimal

Kristi Thompson Moore It’s the most frustrating thing I’ve ever been through, so I know exactly how you feel! I’m copying & pasting the post I made in this group earlier this summer with what has helped me. If anything, give the green smoothie a try before ordering the cleanse to see if it provides you any relief. I hope you can find some relief soon!

I’m new to this group, but wanted to share my experience with CIU and what has finally helped me find some relief. For 23 years, I’ve battled episodes of hives. Once I have a flare up, the hives last between 6-8 months. It is pure misery. My eyes swell, my lips swell, my feet and hands swell, and I’m covered from head to toe in hives. The only medicine to give me temporary relief is prednisone. My doctors have tested me for everything and they cannot find a cause for my hives. So, during my last episode several years ago, I decided to try a different route and see a nutritionist. She said that my hives were most likely the result of issues in my gut. So, she put me on a detox plan. Within 2 days, I was 50% better. Within 2 weeks, the hives were completely gone. Fast forward to this past week and I woke up covered in hives. As I mentally tried to prepare myself for 6-8 months of suffering, I decided to try the detox again. The hives were gone within 2 days!!!

If I can help just one person suffering from this terrible condition, I’ll share this detox plan a million times over. This may not work for everyone and you should always consult your doctor first. But, when all else fails and the doctors have done all they can for you, this may give you some relief. It has worked wonders for me!

My Detox Plan:

Take one packet of Tiao He Cleanse in the morning on an empty stomach with 2 glasses of water. 15 minutes later, drink a green smoothie.

Take one packet of Tiao He Cleanse at night on an empty stomach with 2 glasses of water. 15 minutes later, drink a green smoothie.

You eat regularly during the day, but I try to get in 3 smoothies throughout the day and I avoid sugar and red meat as much as possible while on this detox. I also try to have an abundance of green leafy vegetables.

Smoothie recipe:

Blend the following:
2 cups of water
2 handfuls of spinach
1 handful of parsley
1 Granny Smith apple
1 cucumber
Sometimes, I’ll throw in a banana to sweeten it.

This recipe will make enough for 3 smoothies throughout the day. I keep mine in my blender in the refrigerator and just blend it thoroughly before each serving. Otherwise, it gets a little gritty.

Again, this may not be a plan for everyone, but it really has worked wonders for me. After being told by multiple doctors that there wasn’t anything else they could do for me, I was willing to try anything to find some relief and I finally did!

Lisa Burke-Guidry Sounds very similar to my situation. Most of my tests came back negative and no AI issues. Been dealing for about 5 years now. Tried and did everything under the sun!

I’m on Xolair and until just recently still had to take Allegra and Zyrtec to keep hi es at bay.

About 5 weeks ago I started taking all natural supplements daily and I’ve seen a huge change with my condition. I’m due for a Xolair shot August 12th- anxious and excited to see how long I can go without it. I’ve stopped the Allegra and Zyrtec.
Fingers crossed.

Hope your journey isn’t as long as mine has been.

Lisa Kaichen I also stopped eating meat or dairy…am significantly improved.

Sandy Lane Koscielski Along with 1 Allegra in the morning and 2 Zyrtec at night, I take 5 mg of prednisone twice a day. Whenever I try to reduce my prednisone, my hives come back. I feel your frustration and misery!

Rita Valentine I just started my daughter on detox and also introduced a gluten free diet. Furthermore she is off milk/lactose products and eating g gluten free bread. We will see how this goes.

Nicole Carrie Rita Valentine I’m doing the same ! Dairy and sugar too very little of !

Zoraida Delgado Been there! Ouch Ouch and I know the frustration 😢…..I finally had my blood levels checked and I was low on Vitamin D and Vitamin B. Yup! I take Zyrtec, my vitamins, and stay away from excessive heat. Also meditate and cold showers. Hope you feel better.

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