hi I have been dealing with hives for about 14 years now

I have been dealing with hives for about 14 years now

I have been dealing with hives for about 14 years now. There is my obvious triggers, like outside/inside allergens, stress or heat. The last couple years they started getting more dangerous and my throat would start closing, I’ve used my epi pen a few times now. Doctors just seem to just write me another prescription and send me on my way, so I started doing my own research. Stomach and immune health play a huge role in hives.
I learned about high histamine foods and how our bodies are suppose to work. I started paying closer attention to what i was eating. More processed foods- made hives worse, didn’t seem to cause them, just make them worse. During this time I also started doing my own research about the constant migraines i was getting and once again drs just gave me medication. I was so sick of just getting more medication.
I stumbled across a few natural supplements that I figured i had nothing to lose by trying. The k2+D3 i started for migraines. Once it started working, its been the first time in my life i can remember not having more days with migraines than without. And to my surprise, i haven’t had a body full of hives since I started them.
The other bottle is a natural antihistamine. Hope this sparks someone else to do their own research, and try vitamins to get your immune system or gut health back in order.


Glenn Stewart Thanks and continue to be hive free!

Angie McKinney Ive been using dhist jr for my son and it seems to help! Curious about the k2 + d3 combo. Is there a reason to take those two together?

Cora Gendron Angie McKinney k2 helps the D3 be digested correctly

Amy Shinkle I just started taking dhist so praying it starts to work soon!

Cora Gendron Amy Shinkle it took me a little bit to notice a difference

Natalie Sheppard I love d-just, but it got a little pricy for me. ☹️ maybe I need to consider starting it up again!

Cora Gendron Natalie Sheppard yes I do agree its a bit pricey, especially starting off when its recommended to take higher doses.

Amy Glassow Low D levels cause chronic hives for some so you may have stumbled across your cure. You can test your own D3 level with Ulta Labs or obviously have a doc order that blood test for you. Glad you’re feeling some relief!

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