I have been dealing with hives for four weeks now

I have been dealing with hives for four weeks now. I went to a doc in the box after three weeks and he put me on hydroxyzine and a medrol dose pack. All that did was lessen the amount of hives I got. After I finished taking them they came back full force.
Right now I am taking two Zyrtec in the morning and two at night. I am also taking ranitidine twice a day. So far nothing is working. Also mixed in with my hives I have tiny little water bumps, like the size of the tip of a pin. Right now they are just on my arms. Has any one else had that?


Chris Oswald Keep in the meds. It takes a little bit. You may need prednisone too. I’m sorry you are going through this too.

Ashleigh Maddox Chris Carey Oswald I have put a call in to the doctor that prescribed me the Medrol dose pack. I am hoping that they will call in more steroids.

Kate Carr Hi, I’ve had mine for 9 weeks and currently taking hydroxyzine, but not doing much for me at the min. Although I’m seeing a dermatologist tomorrow so not sure what else will give me. I got the water bumps on my hands and fingers but not sure what the are. Had them for years

Ashleigh Maddox Huh that is weird I just now noticed the water bumps. And they are only on my arms.

Rita Valentine I advised my daughter to drink as much water as possible and to read a book and to stay calm. Its important as it appears to get worse when she becomes anxious.

Dena Westfall Noe What did dr tell
You what they was from? I have had them
3 months and mine look like that and nothing is helping me and I’m miserable they don’t even know what it’s from!

Jen Krines Like someone else said, it may take a bit for the regular dosing of the antihistamines to kick in. I had to do some different combos of the H1 and H2 antihistamines before I landed on 1 ea. of Zyrtec, Zantac, and Xyzal twice a day. After 3 months on this combo (it worked for the most part!), I’ve now weaned off the 2nd dose of the 3 meds. Fingers crossed. I feel your pain though

Charrisse Bataan Drink carrot juice..and apply apples cider vinegar every night it will he help.. Try also not to eat/drink cold water and food..

Cecilia Salter Prednisone is the only thing that helps me when my hives are driving me insane. Benadryl also used throughout the day, hoping that the very restrictive diet – AIP/HI I’m on will eventually help. It’s been a total guessing game as to it’s “source.” Dr. has no clue, just “atopic dermatitis”. Good luck on your health journe

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